'Government Should Have Courage To Regulate Webshops'


Darron Cash


Tribune Staff Reporter


FNM chairman Darron Cash yesterday urged the government to show courage in regulating the webshop industry in the Bahamas.

While a referendum that took place nearly a year ago saw the electorate vote against legalising numbers, the business has continued to thrive.

And little has changed or been said of webshops and their status since Wayne Munroe, who represents Island Game, Island Luck, FML, Asue Draw, Whattfall and Chances, abandoned the appeal to challenge Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett’s refusal to grant an injunction in their case.

But despite the legal stalemate, Mr Cash said Prime Minister Perry Christie has washed his hands of the issue in order to avoid acting against numbers bosses.

“They must show some courage in handling these webshops,” Mr Cash said. “This government is so compromised because they made a promise to the webshop owners.

“In my view if they can leave it in the hands of the courts then the government has its saving grace. It is most regrettable that the Prime Minister has abdicated his responsibility and left it all to the courts.

“So right now its as if authorities and elected officials have turned a blind eye. But I doubt that nothing serious will be done with the webshops until the government changes.

“The concern is how to regularise the businesses while handling the risk they pose to government and the growth of communities.”

Back in July, Mr Munroe said it was unlikely that officials and numbers bosses would have their day in court to decide whether webshops would become legal.

Mr Munroe said his clients needed a two-and-a-half month extension in order to file a statement of claim.


Honestman 8 months, 4 weeks ago

This administration is concerned only with remaining in power. It cares not for its people, is afraid of making decisions for fear of losing votes and refuses to be accountable to the electorate. It's time for the old guard to be kicked into touch for good. Step forward young honorable leaders - your country needs you.


john33xyz 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Too bad the FNM didn't have the "courage" to regulate them while they were in power. It's easy to say thing when you're not in the driver's seat.

I'm sure Dr. Minnis will not regulate them when he becomes PM either - since he wouldn't want to face the wrath of the webshop owners, money launderers, and drug dealers involved.

Those people cannot be regulated by Law. They are more powerful than any government - even the U.S. government.


ThisIsOurs 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Well Mr Cash, you have at max 3 years to come up with a solution, so what thou doesn't, do quickly. Start acting like the next government of the Bahamas, take the shadow cabinet seriously, enroll members in management courses where necessary, propose only suitable candidates. On this webshops issue first and foremost none of the illegal gains should be allowed to be used. It would send a really bad signal to the criminal wannabes. Who knows how much blood money is in their coffers? How many immigrants died on the high seas to fund their operation, how many guns were sold into the hands of murderers to increase their bottom line? Prostitution , money laundering WHO KNOWS???? Clean house first.


Bahamas676 8 months, 4 weeks ago

did this guy just say the webshop owners are more powerful than the U.S government?


john33xyz 8 months, 4 weeks ago

No, I said the webshop owners WITH their links to drug dealers and money launderers are more powerful than the U.S. government - and they are. Their operations are not just here in the Bahamas. These guys running the webshops are not doing this on their own. They are financed and setup from Chicago and Vegas. THOSE are the people who are more powerful than the U.S. Government. That's why they run the United States and have done so every since the 1930's. They are the ones that killed Kennedy in 1963 - and have managed the media (which they own) to convince the public otherwise. Even now you are probably considering me the the biggest fool in the world. I don't care. I also don't care about those people being in true power. They don't bother me and I don't bother them. They are simply giving the people what the people want and profiting from it. My hat is off to them. They are geniuses.

The people had a referendum to stop them, and they voted to let them go full steam ahead. So the people got what they wanted.

Do you think if another referendum were held in January to legalize and regulate (ie. be able to tax) the webshop owners that the CHURCH would allow their members to vote YES ? ? ? Of course not. The same result would come out of it.

The people have gotten what they asked for, and in my opinion any government that gives its people what they ask for is a GOOD government. And the mafia is simply providing the services that the people want. I do not see the problem.


MarkTa 8 months, 3 weeks ago

They are so powerful but couldnt win the referendum.

If you truly think any individual, company or country for that matter is more powerful than the U.S. please pass the pipe and tin foil hat.


john33xyz 8 months, 3 weeks ago

I don't think you really look at reality the way they do: 1. It doesn't matter if they lost the referendum. That is only what the people "wanted" - which does not matter. What matters is the shops are still open because THEY want them open, not you. 2. It doesn't matter whether you think they killed Kennedy or not. What matters is that he was killed before he could do whatever he was going to do that they did not want him to do. 3. It doesn't matter whether you think I have a pipe or tinfoil hat. What matters is that they continue to do whatever THEY want and get whatever THEY want, while you are TRAINED by the media to believe that they do not even exist. 4. They don't even waste their time thinking about people like you. They just live their extravagant lifestyles and party up a storm while you go to work and pay the bills for it.
They LOVE people like you - even though they don't think about you that often.


pat242 8 months, 4 weeks ago

This aint right. The F.N.M was the same people who was bickering about the current government regularizing the Web Shop Industry. Now The F.N.M Chairman wants the current government to consider regularizing the Web Shop racket. The F.N.M obviously played politics on The Bahamian people. As The Bahamas move towards first world status through beautiful, talented and intelligent men and woman i feel some Bahamians can handle gambling. As for the referendum if people knew and understood what they were voting for the outcome might of been different. Now other country's are collecting tax on our money when the money could have stayed here and been taxed. For The Bahamians who are politically bias do not be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.


proudloudandfnm 8 months, 3 weeks ago

I really don't care about web shop regulations. Web shops rent computers. I want the numbers industry closed down and replaced with a national lottery. Owned and run by a Bahamas National Lottery Commission, I want the 400 million (if that's the amount) used to benefit the Bahamas. I cold care less about the 8 or so men that own it today. They have made their millions, let them ride off into the sunset. I wanna walk into a gas station and buy a pick 6 or a power ball type lottery ticket.


ThisIsOurs 8 months, 3 weeks ago

I agree, their foundation is corruption, what good could you build on that shakey ground? Anyone notice how they've now taken a page out of the Drug Dealers Operational Handbook? Buy allegiance in the inner city with relatively cheap gifts while simultaneously bleeding out millions by encouraging bad habits?

A National lottery not operated by Flowers, Franklyn Wilson, Bradley Roberts, Daryl Rolle, Brent etc., no rich boys getting richer dealings ...get Gowen Bowe to oversee it.


MarkTa 8 months, 3 weeks ago

The other businesses are really to allow them to deposit their numbers money or part of it into the bank.


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