Police will use 'severe methods' if necessary

Dr Bernard Nottage

Dr Bernard Nottage


Tribune Staff Reporter


MINISTER of National Security Dr Bernard Nottage said police will use “severe methods” if necessary to return the Bahamas to a peaceful state.

His comments came one day after four persons, including a college student and a mother of three, were gunned down on Fox Hill park while awaiting Junkanoo results on Friday.

At a press conference on Sunday, Dr Nottage said he was “outraged and saddened” by these murders and “no stone will be left unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice in this matter”.

“This is a very serious case and the Commissioner of Police and his teams are working assiduously and have been updating me regularly.

“I have asked the police to spare no effort to make sure that justice is served and to do everything within their powers to ensure that the perpetrators of this atrocious act are brought to justice. Meanwhile every effort is being made to prevent the occurrence of any further incidents of this kind,” he said.

“I wish to reassure members of the public, that the police are utilising all resources at their disposal to ensure that these brazen and heartless criminals are arrested, prosecuted and punished.

“However, the police cannot do it on their own. I urge you the members of the public, who may have relevant information surrounding this senseless shooting, to immediately come forward and share the information with the Police.”

Dr Nottage remained tight lipped on whether or not the police officers will return on 12 hour shifts, however he said the streets will be saturated with police, both on foot patrol and mobile.

He said: “What you can expect is that this whole matter is being reviewed in light of what has happened in the last 72 hours and steps will be taken to strengthen our ability to prevent these matters from being repeated. The details of that will not necessarily be made to the public for obvious reasons but you can be sure that all matters we believe can assist in our efforts will be used.

“There are matters which have been planned and which have been implemented some of them work quickly some of them take a longer period to work. Our job is to continue until we find the form that will work continuously and that is what we are doing. Its all well and good to talk about the events that are happening but what you are not aware of is the things that have been prevented by those same measures.

“We will use severe methods if necessary to achieve the kind of peaceful and safe communities we are seeking.”

Dr Nottage assured members of the public, as well as visitors, that the government will do everything in its power to ensure that all available public resources are utilised in the effort to curb crime.


Honestman 10 years, 2 months ago

Catching perpetrators has never been a problem in The Bahamas. Securing murder convictions is entirely another matter. Of the 400 or so murders committed over the last four years, how many convictions have been achieved? A dozen? The vast majority of cases haven't even been heard. Therein lies the problem. Hundreds of murder cases stuck in a log jam with no prospect of an early conclusion. It would be of more comfort to hear from the Arrorney General as to what the government plans to do to improve this side of criminal justice.


jackbnimble 10 years, 2 months ago

I agree. It's one thing to catch the purported purpetrator, quite another to actually have them convicted in a court of law. Sadly many of these cases are thrown out, the jury returns a 'not guity' verdict or the subject "gets off" on some technicality on appeal. "Swift justice" should be felt all the way to Fox Hill Prison with sufficient time served not to re-offend.


linnassau 10 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you that catching perpetrators has never been a problem, but securing murder conviction is indeed another. Our legal system is indeed a mess and without any amendments to correct ancient rules and procedures to our constitution, we continue to hit new lows. The police are doing their best under the circumstances, but our judicial system leaves much to be desired.


The_Oracle 10 years, 2 months ago

"Severe methods"? Define please. Is the law considering going outside the law? Realizing that things have gone far beyond the Governments control, and is of their own doing, what exactly is being suggested? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


B_I_D___ 10 years, 2 months ago

Shoot first, ask questions later...better role down those tinted windows if you don't want your car turned into swiss cheese!!


gkeato 10 years, 2 months ago

I agree, what are these severe methods? Please let us know ASAP, I suggest road blocks randomly for searches and not at 3PM in the afternoon, not for seat belt infringements either. How many guns are there in Nassau? Luckily so far the USA media, has, as not started telling the gun murder stories over there, as that will further ruin the travel to our country and a huge loss in income.Right now we are headed back to the 1980's destruction from within


proudloudandfnm 10 years, 2 months ago

Definitely time to fire BJ. This man has done nothing, not even an attempt to look like he's doing something. We can hire anyone to sleep in the HOA. GET RID OF NOTTTAGE NOW!


realfreethinker 10 years, 2 months ago

@proudloudandfnm I agree with you and let hi, carry freddie,tinker bell and perry with him.


SP 10 years, 2 months ago

This nonsense need never have happened!

If Barney Rubble Greenslades' head wasn’t so thick he would implement sustained road blocks in strategic areas to stop criminals from roaming around with vehicles full of arms!

But nooooo......!!


positiveinput 10 years, 2 months ago

Road blocks may slow the transport of arms down but a part of it has to do with the officers on duty actually doing their jobs. Just the other morning while waiting to pick up my mate from work, what should pull up? A white up to date Taurus outfitted with lights and police decals. Correct to assume that was a police vehicle right. Well that vehicle was also waiting to pick up a passenger, whom was not an officer. So for the time in route to Atlantis, while waiting on Atlantis premises then the route taken to drop of its passenger, do you think any other vehicle looked suspicious to those officers whom where suppose to be protecting our streets. SOME police now a days are not professional in no way. Even the guards at Government House can be seen at the gate texting lol.


ThisIsOurs 10 years, 2 months ago

RESIGN. Hire someone knowledgeable about policing, with a proven track record for turning large communities around. That's the biggest help you can give the country.


JohnDoes 10 years, 2 months ago

Yall need to put some of them over weight, diabetic prone, peas n rice eating officers on foot patrol to both lose the weight and stop crime, instead of cruising in them cars. Their excuse is, if the car cant go, I cant go, because they definitely aint gone chase no body. The set who need to be cruising in them cars are the set that are in shape and can actually chase in the car and eventually on foot.


Bahamianpride 10 years, 2 months ago

What Severe Methods, The Government cannot violates its own laws and must distinguish itself as the upholder of the Law. This is useless conversation, All u have to do is enforce the legal methods already available but that takes competence. Let me help u guys out BJ Nottage, with legal methods: 1). Order all inside Cops who have been sitting on there ass working bankers hours back to patrol, especially the band.. 2). Have Officers run a minimum of 100 tags per day per Officer on patrol especially Honda Vehicles... 3) Hold police commanders accountable for the crime in there areas, and punish them with demotion if there areas are not secured, this will force these Commanders to establish a better relationship with the community because u cannot fight crime without people plus there careers will be on the line.. No more lazy Cops working bankers hours, No more reactive policing, no more promotions to put people behind desk and blank the streets. No more B.S. units that suck personnel out of patrol and assign people to bankers hours doing nothing.. U don't need to pay overtime just get the slackers back out onto the street and enforce the law. That means 24-7, the majority of them should be on duty working 8 hour shifts between 4 p.m -12 a.m and 12 a.m to 8 a.m the next day everyday.. Walking the beat, stopping and searching illegal cars etc, all day, everyday and u will be shocked how many guns, stolen cars or just vehicle being operated illegally.. The criminals are either ridding around all day in stolen or illegal vehicles or holding communities hostages, they're not hiding u guys r not proactively disrupting there life and creating a unfriendly environment for criminals. In this environment the majority of these hardened criminal would have been legally shot dead by police already, no need for court, trials, or privy council..


TheMadHatter 10 years, 2 months ago

I hope he sticks to his word.

The comment about about the attorney general being the hold-up is correct. The courts are the real problem - ALONG WITH the police wasting their time with silly offenses like drug possession (i mean small personal amounts) and prostitution and other crimes that don't affect anyone except the person doing it.

Add 1 cent to every gallon of gasoline and 1 cent to every KWH of electricity to go into a special account to PAY BACK national insurance for an immediate loan of 10 million dollars to build 5 (FIVE) new courthouses in the next 3 months. Can you build 5 courthouses in 3 months? Yes you can. Give me the contract and I promise you I will get them built and ready for the Judge by the end of March - or I will surrender the remaining funds and take no pay at all as a contractor. I will also be able to account for every dime.

Ms. AG / Mr. Nottage - call me. Let's get it done now.

ALSO the court system needs a database - a computer system that allows proper scheduling of resources, judges, and accused persons. That can be done in 10 days. TEN DAYS. I can put that together for you for only $50,000, including hardware.

But, of course, I do not expect a call. These amounts (10 mil and 50g) are WAY too small to allow sufficient funds transfer to the Caymans. The money has to be much more. In Abaco for example they have not yet completed building a 2 million dollar airport building - but the cost is already (i hear) over 27 million. Wow, that's a lot of loose change.

TheMadHatter * *


TheMadHatter 10 years, 2 months ago

Rory - I have been a computer programmer for over 20 years and have programmed on systems costing well over a million dollars and managed a WAN with connections across the Caribbean.

While I agree that the basics of the database could be "knocked out" in 2 hours - yes - BUT you have to consider database integrity checks, and transmission of data checks. The main work goes into dealing with errors that should never happen (but just might once in a while) and sniffing them out before they have a chance to cause a problem.

Also the hardware must be of a certain quality - not just the cheapest rubbish you can get. It must all be compatible, and you also have to make proper service contracts with the communication utility companies. Also the buildings have to be wired properly - again, not just the cheapest junk wire you can get your hands on.

The basic idea and stuff could be done for about about 10g. But if you want a system that has integrity and can be relied on you will need to cough up a few bucks - probably less than what i said above - but hey I need to make a few dollars in the process too. I would say 20% would be my take.


ThisIsOurs 10 years, 2 months ago

Hmmm 2 boss software developers in one news forum...lucky day.


ThisIsOurs 10 years, 1 month ago

Ok,1 boss software developer and 1 boss software engineer. One stop shop.


John 10 years, 2 months ago

Whose children are they anyway? who committing the robbery, the rapes and the murder? Some people in Nassau just have it too easy andhave too much freedom in they life. They grow up not having to ask anyone for anything, not hving to share anything with anyone and taking what they want when they don't have it. Remember the days when if you didn't want what was cooked in the house you had to eat bread and drink water or starve until the next meal. Or if you was no mammers or rude you was sent to bed hungry without any supper. Some children use to get so hungry they use to eat the linoleum off the floor or straw mat. There was no Mcdonald or wendys or Burger king and the food at home could only be steam sausage (with more onion than sausage or steam corn beef white rice..no side but it was all you had and if you missed it you had to fast (starve) until the next meal.


TheMadHatter 10 years, 2 months ago

That's because we have "price control" items now. The poor EXPECT to get everything they need for less and get special treatment.

They can afford to have plenty kids because you and I pay customs duty and higher prices on the food we buy in order to subsidize their ability to have more grandchildren to take care of them when they get old.

How come I can't have plenty grandchildren? I guess because I choose not to be "poor".


lucaya 10 years, 2 months ago

We are just tired of the same old,same old "articulated" talks,and the "read from the paper statements"nothing is being done. I have mentioned to many people, and they are beginning to understand that there is to many of our politicians are lawyers.Do we really think they will change the laws to please us?There are over 1000 plus lawyers vying for fame and fortune,remember now most judges were once criminals defenders,come on my beloved Bahamaland,we must get real with these things,it's really not about red,yellow,or green,it's about our Country going like the dogs,they laughing at us those people from the South and the rest of the haters,yinna stay right dere!



carmichaelrdgal 10 years, 2 months ago

Bad parenting. Charity starts at home and ends abroad. Home is the key factor to this problem. Bend the tree while they young. Go in da schools, we use to be scared of the teachers, is it so now. Pretty well dressed what kind of kids going to school. Look at the size of a grown student backpack mostly in the government schools, only big enough to hold brush, comb etc. Parents put more into your children. You reep what you sow. If you sit back in the house watching tv and let the street grow them up what do you expect?


blackcat 10 years, 2 months ago

Exactly why this crime problem cannot and will not be solved overnight. Enforce the laws already on the books, stop worrying about who's mother's cousin's brother's friend's you prosecuting and just do it--carry out the law.

Secondly, parents need to do more at home as you say. There is no love or support being shown to these kids. They grow up gimme-gimme as the only way they know. there is no emphasis on education, solid values or love. Christian nation - don't make me laugh.

these kids are coming out of schools barely able to read and write, it's no wonder they end up in trouble and without jobs. We have so much potential as a country but our youth is lost and this is where we need to focus. Change the family lifestyle for the better and you will stop crime.


TheMadHatter 10 years, 2 months ago

What home are you talking about? Most "parents" today do not HAVE a home. They are children (under 25) themselves living with their parents. The grandmothers take care of the kids - and even most of them don't own their own home.

Everybody pays rent.

Your point is correct though. It does start in the home - and should.

Would you be willing to support a NEW LAW that says you cannot have children unless you own a home (if mortgaged, then at least 3 years of no late payments) - ? ? ?

Of course, such a law would never even be tabled in Parliament - so we are wasting our time. There is NO HOME for kids to grow up in - because "parents" don't own one.

    • TheMadHatter * *

ThisIsOurs 10 years, 2 months ago

Hmmm...valid points and I get that you're looking for a measure for "responsible" individuals, but I don't believe in the notion that less affluential people can't be good parents. Your pay cheque doesn't determine your character (or your suitability to mold a young person) as many of our wealthy politicians show us frequently. Maybe mandatory vasectomies for all then a few character references and a review of your "report card" for a reversal?


blackcat 10 years, 1 month ago

Whether you rent or not, the idea is that if you have kids, you need to be responsible in raising them. I see your point here but as thisisours says, your paycheck should not determine your moral character and whether or not you are suitable to have kids.

i would sooner support a law of 1-2 kids per family before I supported what you are proposing- just thinking realistically and how people would respond as I'm sure you are aware.

overall , my point is the moral fabric of society must change in order for us to become a society of solid values, of people who are honest and true and REALIZE what it is to have kids. If we had educated people who's focus was different, we would not even need t o have this discussion about whether or not kids are having kids with no place to live. People need education in order to have the tools at hand to think critically and make their own decisions. Until that happens, whether people rent or have a house on the hill, we will have crime.


TheMadHatter 10 years, 1 month ago

I actually agree with you completely. It would be an amazing step forward if a limit of 1-2 (even 3 in special cases) were imposed. This would also require legalizing abortion, however, because how else would it be enforced?

BUT - don't hold your breath for such advancements in our backward society though. The church will never allow a reduction in "plate people".



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