Zns Welcomes New Talent For Fresh Talk Show


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THE need for more local television programming was the driving force behind the development of a new show, The Network.

The Network is described as a mix between ABC’s “The View” and a segment of NBC’s Today Show called “The Professionals.” The show airs on Monday’s at 8.30pm, Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 11am.

The Network features professionals with varying points of views who sit around a table at a restaurant and exchange their views on some of the biggest stories making news. The show is anchored by veteran news anchor and broadcaster Shenique Miller. Other cast members are brand consultant Kedar Clarke and financial consultant Michael Turnquest.

“The Network’s goal is to attract a new kind of viewer, one that wants to hear the news but in a more contemporary and unorthodox style. The show’s many components include: Bahamas, regional and world news with a little pop culture thrown in for good measure, said Shenique Miller, host and producer of the show.

“We talk about anything that is current, whether it be a video that has gone viral and has everyone talking, or the latest breaking news coming from the houses of parliament. We talk about everything, including who wore what at the latest red carpet affair,” she said.
With few local televised talks shows, the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas wanted to fill that need.

“Certainly, that was the driving force for developing The Network, a need by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas to begin giving Bahamians a voice on their own station. The Network is beginning to fill that void, when you see a viral video from young boy we have dubbed “packing boy” or another shot in downtown Nassau of a woman having her say about what’s happening in the country today. It’s shows like this one that turn the camera on us,” Ms Miller told Tribune Entertainment.

As the show progresses, viewers can expect interviews with the country’s decision makers as well as the show’s very own fashion segment dubbed “The Red Carpet which will mirror E! tv’s popular show Fashion Police.
“We will take the fashion on display at local events and discuss which outfits were the hits and misses of the evening. We will also introduce a segment where we act as food critics, going to restaurants and coming back to the show and discussing our experience.We will also stay on top of the latest gadgets and of course always bringing you a fresh insightful view on the day’s biggest stories.
Ever since The Network aired several weeks ago, viewers have given positive feedback to the show,” Ms Miller said.

“It’s amazing how quickly the show is catching on. The Network is the talk in banks, beauty salons, grocery stores, social media and in homes around the capital. The interest spans age or sex. We are lucky in that we have created something that resonates with people and their showing their gratitude by tuning in each week. We feel certain with our new segments the response will be even greater,” she said.

Shenique has worked in front line news for over a decade, covering and hosting national and state events and breaking news. She’s also served as a national anchor on Bahamas Tonight, ZNS Network News.

Kedar Clarke is an image and branding consultant, who has styled some of the biggest names in the country.
Michael Turnquest is one of the Bahamas’ young financial minds. He is a businessman and investor, as well as a computer engineer. Ted Jervis is the senior producer.


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