Freedom Farm Baseball League To Open Season This Saturday

THE stage is all set for the 2013 season opening of the largest youth sports league in The Bahamas. 

Freedom Farm Baseball League is slated to kick off this Saturday with a full season schedule of the most highly anticipated and competitive match-ups in its 23-year history.

Over 120 new players have joined the programme for the upcoming season that includes for the first time ever a girl’s softball division for ages 16 and under. 

Taking their swings in this division will be the Tiger Lillies, Poison Ivies, Yellow Elders and Lignum Vitaes.

The T-Ball Division (ages 4-6) has added a new team to the group named the Tamarinds and they will now have eight teams going after the top award. This team will be managed by coach Kenny Mondesir who expects a very successful season from his team. 

The Coach Pitch Division (ages 7-8) has also expanded, adding a new team to the insect mix called the Termites and will now have a total of seven teams.

Coach CJ McKenzie will lead the Termites into battle as they have already begun adding pressure to all the other teams hoping to take home top honours.

The Minor Division (ages 9-10) and Major Division (ages 11-12) will both return with seven teams. 

The Junior Division (ages 13-15) and the revamped Senior Division (ages 16-20) will return with five teams and four teams respectively.

The opening ceremonies begin at 8am with a church service at Holy Cross Parish Anglican Church in Highbury Park. 

Following the short service, all 42 teams will march in groups with their banners down Prince Charles Drive and Fox Hill Road on their way to the newly renovated facilities. 

The ceremonies will continue at the fields and once concluded the first pitch will be thrown to signal the start of the season.

The opening day game schedule will feature the 11-12 Division All-Star Game at 1pm between the president’s team and commissioner’s team that will be televised live on Cable 12. 

Coaches Geron Sands and Greg Burrows Jr, who went head to head for last season’s championship, will manage the teams.  At the same time, the championship rematches will start in the T-Ball Division where the Dillies will be challenging the Cantaloupes, the Sharks will be going after the Raccoons in the 13-15 Division and we will have our first official softball game between the Yellow Elders and Tiger Lillies.

Continuing with games in the afternoon, at 3pm championship rematches will play in the 9-10 division where the defending champion Dolphins will try to prove again to the Groupers they are the better fish and also the defending champion Mosquitoes will attempt to remind the Wasps they still have the deadlier bite in the coach pitch division. 

At the same time, the 16-20 Division will open with the Tainos and Caribs. Other divisional games will continue for the remainder of the weekend.

The league is all set and the teams are all ready to embark on their journey in the quest to become this year’s champions.


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