Munroe: Voting Yes Is Electing An Alternative Government


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE gambling referendum that Bahamians are about to entertain could be the election of an alternative government, Dr Miles Munroe said last night to members at Bahamas Faith Ministries International on Carmichael Road.

In the lead-up to the gambling referendum scheduled for January 28, Dr Munroe made a statement to his audience, which was aired live on ZNS TV-13, expressing concern that a group of lobbyists were using their monetary influence to pressure the democratically elected government to legitimise their personal interests at the expense of the people.

“This referendum that we’re about to entertain could be the election of an alternative government.

“You went to the polls some months ago and you elected a government to govern our country. At least that is what it seemed like,” the minister said.

“But I want you to think about this carefully. There should only be one government at a time in our country. There shouldn’t be a secret government, a shadow government, a government pulling strings behind the scenes, a government controlling decisions by lobbying, a government manipulating policy and legislation by monetary influence.”

“We are supposed to have a government that makes decisions without influence from any specific group of people and every decision they make should be made in the best interest of the population of our country,” he said.

Dr Munroe noted that the motivations seemed to be the country’s surrender to the powers with money, which in his words, would make the establishment of a national lottery and state sponsored gambling seem logical.

“National lottery and state sponsored gambling is an alternative government taxing the citizens without benefit to the citizen. In other words, it’s a second government collecting taxes. The only problem is, it is not benefitting the citizens, only a few people,” the minister explained.

Dr Munroe made recommendations for the government that included them admitting that they are not ready for the referendum, accepting responsibility for the populace not being ready, and ultimately postponing the referendum to allow the College of the Bahamas to be engaged in “completing research on the present and future impact of national gaming on our local population”.

“The purpose for a higher learning institution,” he said, “is to assist governments in research efforts in order to make sound decisions that are in the best interest of the people.”

Dr Munroe told his congregation and visual audience that a country could never have a clean government again if it’s government allowed itself to be pressured by the influence of gaming bosses.

“If a small group of lobbyers pressure the government legitimately voted into power to legitimise their personal interest, then we will never have a pure government again,” he said.


JohnDoe 7 years, 5 months ago

Very well put Mr. Munroe. Can't agree with you more. Mr. PM, it is not too late to stop this fiasco now.


Honeybun 7 years, 5 months ago

I agree also with Mr. Munroe's theory. Bahamians need to evaluate this completely before making a hasty decision... God help us!


TalRussell 7 years, 5 months ago

Maybe this is Comrade Preacher Miles way of communicating to them four preachers out there peddling the 'Vote Yes' numbers "bosses" messages, that the devil got gallons of kerosene to pour on them, once them four make their way to he bonfire?

Preacher Miles encourages Bahamians on Monday to take the upwards leadership role to show up early on Monday morning and vote 'No' against the numbers "bosses," and not to listen to them four other preachers who with their downward "Vote Yes' are demonstrating a lack of leadership..

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by TalRussell


jackbnimble 7 years, 5 months ago

Well said Dr. Munroe. I believe that there is something very sinister about this entire process, Could it be that we are on the verge of becoming like Columbia where our Governments could be purchased by criminals and might I add quite blatantly?


dahasamo 7 years, 5 months ago

Still waiting for someone to let me know exactly what utility has been added to the national product to generate the millions of dollars the numbers bosses have promised to contribute to the economy. I seem to recall that the granting of casino licenses was contingent on a hotel of a certain size being constructed..


IloveBahamas 7 years, 5 months ago

The Bible talks about a set of people being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. The mouths of fools feed off of folly! One day 'they say' 3000 are employed by these businesses. The next day it is unknown. I guess we have more shops than I know of because to employ 3000 people you are looking at alot of attendants per store. Secondly if these number bosses were so interested in investing in the country why didn't they dontate to those in need, sponsor education, sponsor security and do all of these wonderful things before this issue surfaced? Can you name one person that is doing a job and volunteers themselves to earn less doing the same job? By selling shares to everyone else they stand to loose. Why all of a sudden are they interested in doing this? People need to spend less time marching and actually analyzing and trying to decipher whats true, realistic and practical and whats not! Sad thing is these rational comments/opinions will probably only reach those who actually take the time to read the online paper and use their brain rather than not!


newcomer2012 7 years, 5 months ago

*"expressing concern that a group of lobbyists were using their monetary influence to pressure the democratically elected government to legitimise their personal interests at the expense of the people."

Isnt this the same thing the Christian Council does ALL the time. The only difference is they use their "religious" influence. I hope they see how it feels. The more the Christian Council becomes politicised, the less relevant they become. What Miles Munroe and the CC fail to realize is it was THEM that showed exaclty how to "lobby" a govt. over the past decades. It only sucks now because another lobby group they disagree with got in on the game. EVERYONE sees this but them. I will laugh at anyone who says its different with them because God is involved.


tonymontana 7 years, 5 months ago

Just to add my gallon to the pint , how is it that no one has called for the resignation of the top COP , He has been compromised.


dacy 7 years, 5 months ago

hey tony, he is wultless pretty boy, singing for his friggin supper controlled by the number name...I want the drug lords come take over baystreet next!


shortpants 7 years, 5 months ago

The drug boys have the right to march on Bay Street too .They pay there workers as we'll maybe they contribute to NIB .But trust me every COP in Nassau will be there to lock them the hell up.So all those worker and employer that march downtown should have been locked up.The law only apply's to some in this country.Mr Greenslade I respect you because I think you are a God fearing man whom as earn a great amount of trust from the public, you are entrusted to protect and serve our people .Do not in the name of Jesus let this number foolishness bring you to shame.


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