Police Probe Shooting Of Five-Year-Old Boy

POLICE are still investigating the circumstances of the shooting of a five-year-old boy on Friday.

According to reports, the boy was in a yard playing with a seven-year-old boy when two shots were heard.

The mother of the victim, ran outside and discovered that the little boy had been shot in the chest. He was taken to hospital in a private vehicle. It was reported that he was in a coma and his condition was listed as critical.

However, it is understood that the boy, who has been identified as Dyson Conliffe, is now awake, in stable condition and his breathing tube has been removed.

In other crime news, the nine-year-old girl who nearly drowned at Goodman’s Bay, Friday, is still fighting for her life in hospital.

Her brother, who was also nine, drowned while swimming around 12:30pm. According to reports, the siblings, were with a group of adults and children on the beach when the tragedy occurred.

Sources say the little boy went into the water to retrieve a ball and got trapped under a heavy wave. His little sister attempted to help him but was also overpowered by the strong current.

An elderly man pulled both children out of the water, but it was too late for the little boy.

A jet ski operator performed CPR on the girl until an ambulance arrived on the scene.

Police have not yet identified the children but The Tribune understands they are Johnathon and Summer Russell.

Police are investigating and are once again appealing to members of the public who will be visiting the beach with young children to always be on the alert.


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