Women Get A Chance To ‘Tweak Their Chic’ Promoting A Positive Self-Image


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BAHAMIAN women in Grand Bahama got the opportunity to ‘Tweak Your Chic’ in one of the biggest image, beauty and fashion summits on the island.

Presented by Divine Beauty under the theme ‘I Promise To love Thyself,’ the event was held at the Pelican Bay Hotel, Canal House.

Divine Beauty is a company that specialises in makeup artistry, while promoting a positive self-image. The organisation is occasionally invited to speak and empower various women groups, church groups, pageant contestants, models, teens and numerous other organisations.

Divine Beauty founder and event organiser, Leshan Ferguson, said the summit was intended to renew, re-generate and celebrate the values of women and life. She said it was also set to showcase, highlight and promote the expertise and talents of local services.

Ms Ferguson said the night was filled with all the ingredients to allow the female patrons to let their hair down, have fun, celebrate life and be a woman, while at the same time be empowered, motivated and inspired to live their best life now.

Tweak Your Chic featured international Celebrity Makeup Artist and Owner of Academy of Glam, Victoria Duke Smolenski. Victoria displayed her expertise on makeup and beauty for the Bahamian “Tweakers.”

Kimberley Russell, of The Grand Bahama Co-Operative Credit Union, introduced a series of financial formats for ways to save and spend. Local motivational speaker and writer, Michael C Pintard provided the male perspective.

Ms Ferguson said an event such as  Tweak Your Chic is very important to Bahamian women, because people are living in a time where women are faced with serious challenges everyday in their work-place, homes and with their finances.

She said: “Because of this, we tend to put ourselves last by not finding time to give back to ourselves. Also, this event sends a wake up call for women to show them how important it is for us as Bahamian women to support one another and support one another. We all are going through trials and tribulations and it is up to those who have survived and ended strong to teach other women to do the same.” 

“Our stories can either save a life, change a life or bring light to their situation. Women’s lives directly impact the next generation so an investment in their well being is an investment in the health of the entire community. We want women to not only look good but to feel good at the same,” said Ms Ferguson.

She said this is not the first time

“Tweak Your Chic” has been held. Ms Ferguson said the organisation was inspired in 2003 by her sister who underwent a surgery operation after experiencing an aneurysm.

She said: “As a result of the surgery, she had to have one side of her head shaved off. She was always into beauty and fashion and I admired her for always encouraging me to follow my dreams of becoming a makeup artist and wanting to help women love themselves. After her surgery, she asked me how she looked and because I knew she loved her hair so much and it was all gone, I told her that she looked different but still beautiful. She then asked for a mirror and after seeing herself she smiled and said ‘I am gorgeous.’

“I was shocked at her reaction, but she turned and told me her hair did not define who she was, because she knows who she is and whose she is.”

Ms Ferguson said her sister passed away in 2004. She said she will always remember to keep her sister’s plan to begin and push forward “Tweak Your Chic.”

Part proceeds for the ‘Tweak Your Chic’ event will be given to the Cancer Society of Grand Bahama for the fight against cancer. The event was also held to give back to women and those in need.


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