WHY YOU VEX? 13/7/2013

“How many people organised and how much money was spent on the celebrations at Clifford Park? Please tell us it was only a couple hundred dollars, because there was not one single awe-inspiring or entertaining moment to be found. Vex I stayed up all night for something spectacular and exciting to happen (besides ZNS losing the feed).”

  • Wasting Money

“Vex, like many out there, about the lameness of our 40th Independence celebrations at Clifford Park. Same songs, same dances (which people still didn’t know the steps to), same cardboard castle, same everything.

The official ceremony was serving up some 70s realness, only problem is, instead of making us feel nostalgic it just felt stale. I guess we can look forward to the Chinese helping us celebrate Beijing Olympics opening style when it comes time for the 50th anniversary.”

  • Yawn

“Shock and awe an epiphany that the legislators could have advanced proposed bill dealing with stem cell research in the Bahamas and no pastors, reverends, bishops or church elders as much as said ‘boo’ to the legislation which eliminates or creates cell life from adult, cord or embryonic cells in dis a nation guided by Christian principles, strong Bible scholars and some 3,000 churches. What hypocrisy dat by dis time plenty of dem done been marching against gambling that might affect their collection plate. Vex.”

  • Christian

“Vex, someting ain’t right wid dis picture when people gon run away from dere own country an come into another man country an hail dere leader when dey secretly come an visit, and get dis, wave their former country flag in your face and then take your taxes to born an school dere chillren for free, and expect we to like it, an the politicians want to give yinna papers get straight so dey can perpetually open the floodgates an get yinna votes an illegals rewarded an be just as equal as we Bahamians, who done upset an we follow the law an dis we only country. Talk to me DNA.

  • Elephant

“Vex and shamefaced that so many Bahamian lawyers fail to propose and promote amendments to truly create a legal imprint to resolve the death penalty law to work in our native country rather than to have the foreign Privy Council still make the final decisions on our constitutional law in this their once former colony celebrating 40 years of independence.”

  • Joined by navel string

“Vex. Our situation where we have accused criminals put in some of the most questionable pleas must be spreading internationally. Now the suspected Boston Bomber who was already seen acting seemingly guilty on TV is now pleading, yep you guessed it, ‘not guilty’.”

  • Regular Joe

“Monkey uncle, cost of some items in food store almost double from last week, people still jobless an no amount of celebration banners or musical fanfare can quench the thirst in dis belly, like the mighty Sparrow say, ‘can’t make love on empty belly’. The DNA need to talk about job creation.”

  • Jobless

“Balderdash, recent report from 9/07 claims persons who are entitled to a Haitian passport and choose not to acquire Haitian passports and renounce Haitian citizenship at 18 years of age would be considered to be stateless prior to becoming Bahamian at 18 and 1) may suffer discrimination, 2) be unable to open bank accounts, 3) having no sense of belonging and feeling rejected, and 4) not allowed to work at certain jobs. Yinna kidding of course, because real Bahamians have been feeling this way for decades, just ask the 25,000 unemployed.”

  • Ex-Middle Class

“We get goosied, now come to find out that the citizenship notices where applicants’ addresses are Carmichael Road, or Abaco or some vague unfindable address mussey from applicants living in a shantytown where it is unlikely they can be found, and this vagueness is compounded by the same immigration authorities who have been clueless for decades until the environmental people were forced to do something about all the shantytown poo likely to be contaminating the water. Vex.”

  • Against nasty citizens

“Muddoes, lets face it. Bahamians can see through any official report or government report or referendum, so try explaining that persons can break the law and claim to their birthright and be made as equal as they are despite how inept the politicians are with correcting the problems they have bestowed on the nation. Vex those genuinely deserving to build our nation will also suffer.”

  • Jonser

“Are you kidding me? The Bahamas being one of the leading nations of the world with ship registration procedures, performance and awareness on ships, and we have a whole delegation to christen a ship and it turns out it’s a ship with many defects. Particular attention and research should have been done in light of a spate of cruise ships having defects causing major inconvenience to guests. Vex, major embarrassment to the entire nation with a large ship registry.”

  • Ghetto Consultant (unpaid)

“Holey moley, dis jus can’t be fer real. Seeing all dem pictures in papers of criminals who are young men, dey short and skinny, ain’t fully yet grown yet getting arrested of murder. Dey so young and already a case of arrested development. Vex.”

  • Jungalist

“Vex, cause there are Bahamians living in shantytowns among Haitians, both tragic and illegal. As only Bahamian males can pass citizenship to offspring with foreign spouses, it is vexing that their offspring should be living there also among legit Haitians granted Bahamian citizenship. It is time dese fathers or their names should be published in the papers.’

  • Pro true DNA

“Vex, cause how come government saying shantytown growing despite so many illegal migrant vessels being caught, or is like only our brave Royal Bahamas Defence Force protecting us and the Bahamian government have secretly adopted the ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy on immigration for decades without telling the voters.”

  • Patriot

“Mudda sic, government official talking on radio on Monday gone about report on illegal shantytowns which says people paying rent, Bahamians an some Haitians, plus businesses like grocery store, numbers business, gambling an animal farming going on. Looks like government’s lethargic lack of action will now force legitimate law-abiding businesses saddled with increasing government taxes, paperwork and red tape to relocate to these economic shantytown zones.”

  • Business

Why You Happy?

“Happy dat the Independence Committee people dem did such a smooth job of organising and showcasing Bahamians to celebrate our 40th Independence. They needs to be in more government decision-making jobs.”

  • Proud Bahamian

“Happy that University of the Bahamas has finally seen the light and documented the history of the Bahamas from each and every island, cay, nook and cranny so that everyone can know of all it took to make us who we is, and not having persons recount select snippets or having their own select version to suit their agenda or impress a congregation.”

  • Kudos COB

“Unbelievable that it appears to have taken the initiatives and action of the government department responsible for the garbage to finally do something about the illegal shantytowns. Ecstatic and deliriously happy after decades something done and recommend dem to protect the sovereignty of our entire nation.”

  • Protecting our Nation


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