Marco Archer: Investigator denies fabricating evidence to 'cover up' for friend


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A POLICE investigator denied fabricating evidence against Kofhe Goodman to “cover up” for his friend in connection with the disappearance and murder of Marco Archer.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Bernard K Bonamy Jr denied Geoffrey Farquharson’s suggestion that during the course of his investigation he had a motive to cover up for a barmaid, whom he had previously admitted knowing for more than a decade.

Mr Farquharson, Goodman’s lawyer, also suggested to the officer that his investigation was “the height of slackness” on the basis that he didn’t document certain things in his report, follow-up on his inquires with residents on Yorkshire Drive, or speak with ASP Ricardo Taylor, who lived in an apartment complex behind which a decomposed body was found.

Goodman, 38, of Yorkshire Drive, faces a murder charge, which he denies.

It is claimed that between September 23 and 28, 2011, he caused the death of Marco Archer, 11.

Archer, who disappeared from Brougham Street, was found dead days later.

Garvin Gaskin, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, is prosecuting the case with Neil Braithwaite and Darell Taylor.

Yesterday, ASP Bonamy Jr’s fourth day of cross-examination by Mr Farquharson resumed.

The officer was asked if he ever went into the unit occupied by the accused on the day the lifeless body was found.

“Not on that day,” the policeman answered.

“When did you go there?” Mr Farquharson asked.

“I think the following day,” the investigator answered.

The lawyer asked if this was before or after writing his report on the investigation. ASP Bonamy Jr replied that his report came after everything he did in the investigation.

“When did you write the report?” the lawyer asked.

“I can’t remember the exact date,” the policeman replied.

His report was shown to him and he said there was no date on the report.

“Isn’t that the height of slackness?” Mr Farquharson asked.

“No sir,” the investigator answered before denying that the report was “made up.”

The investigator also dismissed the suggestion that he had a reason to “rig up a charge on someone.”

The suggestion was objected to by Mr Gaskin on the basis that his suggestions were rehearsed.

Mr Farquharson disagreed and told Justice Bernard Turner “I’m putting it to him he had a motive to fabricate evidence against this defendant.”

The lead prosecutor said there was no evidence of this, just “suggestions from the bar table.”

Mr Farquharson continued his submission to the judge that the witness had a motive, which was “to cover up” for his “friend”.

“No,” replied ASP Bonamy when asked by Justice Turner to answer the lawyer’s question.

Mr Farquharson shifted his questioning and asked the officer if he agreed that the body was found in a bushy swamp area. The officer agreed.

“Did you make any inquiries as to the weather conditions when this child went missing?” the attorney asked.

“My recollection, it rained that Friday,” the investigator said.

“I put it to you it rained all day,” the attorney said. “Maybe,” replied ASP Bonamy.

“Did you go to the neighbours and ask them, ‘Did you see anybody back here?’” the lawyer asked.

“I tried to make some inquiries,” the investigator said.

“Were you successful?” the lawyer asked.

The investigator said he was not. He agreed that he had not checked the telephone or property records.

When asked why not, he said doing this required a name.

Mr Farquharson suggested to him that the Bahamas Telecommunications Company only needed a street address to check phone records.

The attorney asked the officer if, when he arrived at the scene on September 28, if he could smell “a dead rotten body” from the road.

“No, sir,” he answered.

“Could you smell it from the back gate?” Mr Farquharson then asked. He said he could smell the odour “the closer I went.”

“So you didn’t ask (ASP Ricardo) ‘Bob’ Taylor how a dead body could be in the back there and he didn’t smell it ?” the lawyer asked.

ASP Bonamy Jr said he didn’t speak to the senior policeman.

The trial resumes today.


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