Grand Children Inspire New Novel For Author


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THE INSPIRATION she continuously received from her seven grand daughters, paved the way for the pages of Josephine Newton’s most recent novel, “A Child’s Seed of Faith.”
The San Salvador native said as a child she had a passion for writing. It was in 2003 when she decided to begin writing novels. She recalls her words falling like rain from the sky.

Ms Newton describes “A Child’s Seed Of Faith” as a children’s book that is fairly easy to read. She said it is based on an orphaned girl who through faith and belief dreamed she would find a family who would love her.

“Despite what she was going through, Sue, the name of the orphan girl, continued to find happiness. She is a child filled with joy. The short story will take the readers on an adventure, an exciting one. Sue finds herself lost and abandoned. On her quest to escape, she bumped into a few friends along the way. This book takes you on a magical journey. Children often have this creative imagination that takes them to places that are only found in fairy tales,” said Ms Newton.
Ms Newton said she enjoys watching her grand children grow. She said children in her opinion can truly teach people the meaning of faith. Through the story of Sue and her relationships with her grand daughters, Ms Newton said she wanted to share that particular message.

“Children are a gift to us from God and they deserve to be loved. It is a dream for every child to be loved and parents have a duty to do just that. The book is fictional, however the meaning and message is real, just like stories like Cinderella and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs,” said Ms Newton.
She said if she had to write the book all over again, she would not change a thing.
Ms Newton is also known for her previous book, “Tales of a Woman’s Struggle.” The book is a collection of tales about women, young and old, and their struggles, trials, tribulations, grief and sorrows. In the book, Ms Newton said each woman talked about discovering ways to overcome adversity through faith, hope, love and the virtue and power of prayer.
One of the tales in the book included the chapter that talks about “The Journey”. The Journey goes into detail about a young woman who finds herself struggling under the weight of a broken life. She finds herself reliving her past life in order for her to make her and the future of her children better. She learns that her journey begins with a tiny step.

“I wanted to take us on that magical journey. Writing this book allowed me to put my myself in a child like state of mind. Reflecting even on my childhood and remembering what I did as a child. The content of the book is simple. I wanted this book to be an easy read. This is a book that should be in the homes and lives of every child,” said Ms Newton.
For more information on the book, contact sdc.bahamas@hotmail.com. The book is available online.


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