Deejaying A Stepping Stone For 'Great Things'


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JUSTIN “DJ Bugz” Bootle feels no pressure to prove himself, even through he is much younger than most deejays.
Before he entered the business, he looked up to many of the veterans, such as Xtra Large, Selector Ty, DJ Fines and Terrible T, just to name a few.

“I do feel that every era of deejay makes some sort of contribution to the game. As a deejay, we enhance the quality of partying for each crowd. Each of us have different objectives, so there’s nothing to prove. Everyone came into this game for different reasons, either for money, fame, success, women, etc. But for me, I do it for the success and to make people happy. There is no better feeling than what music gives when you can relate to the lyrics and the melody helps you forget your troubles,” said DJ Bugz.
Inspired by the 100 JAMZ deejay, DJ Bugz said DJ Fines displays raw talent and superior technical skill.

“When I was in high school, every Thursday night, his mix shows were never predictable. Aside from DJ Fines, there is also someone else I look up to in an entirely different light. This God fearing and humble man was a DJ in his earlier life, but he is now an icon. He is someone I’ve been looking up to for seven years now. This gentleman took me under his wings and didn’t just teach me how to deejay, but the ins and outs of the business. This man of God motivates me and anytime I need advice on anything, he’s always there to listen and imparted his knowledge. He was there for me from day one, and helped elevate me to where I am now. I salute Mr Mark Cartwright,” said DJ Bugz.
He said he never had the intention on becoming a deejay, but he did have a passion for collecting music and listening to music. He said he didn’t know what being a disc jockey was all about until he started paying more attention to the radio; listening to a variety of shows, and hearing the different radio personalities “bigging” up the deejays.

“I was like, okay, this sounds like something I should try. When my 16th birthday came around, my mother, who to this day is my biggest fan, asked what is it I’d like for my birthday. Without hesitation I replied, a Numark CD player. We went out, got the players and I was on my way from there,” said DJ Bugz.
Recalling his very first event ever playing to, DJ Bugz said he was very skeptical at first because he lacked the proper equipment. He said he had one pioneer mixer, and substituted turntables with DVD players.

“There I was, this sixteen year old, playing at this lady’s party who turned forty. Instead of playing music that my friends or I would enjoy, I imagined playing for my mom. Seeing the excitement and joy on their faces from nostalgic songs (Golden Oldies) was euphoric, definitely a memory I embrace. Even though I wasn’t fully equipped for that party, I gave it my all and I left with motivation and confidence,” said DJ Bugz.
He is not a full time deejay, but DJ Bugz said he can often be found at any in house (Showboyz Entertainment) events, and featured on many of the hottest parties in town and throughout the Bahamas.

“Initially, I started out full time, but now I’m employed at BTC as a technical associate. Part time, I’m a deejay, event promoter, and videographer. Deejaying is not going to be a long term career for me. I always find myself venturing off into different avenues. Whenever I am needed and if I am available, I will be there. Can’t stop the music from playing. Being a disc jockey was a stepping stone that has led me to promoting, videography and playing a tremendous role in networking over the years,” said DJ Bugz.


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