Pushing Through The Good Days And Bad


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WRITER, singer, live sound engineer and producer Showtime Shaddy shared with In Ya Ear the challenging, yet exciting experiences of heading up a recording studio.
For twelve years he has been involved in the music business, with his first song hitting the radio at the age of fifteen.
Shortly after, Showtime Shaddy said he began to lean more towards producing and studio work.

“When I started, I started with a set-up in my home. And technically the studio that I work out of right now called ‘Da Hill is owned by a group that I am apart of, the HD Boyz,” he said.
“Najie Dunn, a Gospel artist, his father basically built the studio in 2006, in which I head. I was doing production before that, but I was doing it out of my room in my house,” said Showtime Shaddy. 
He said he has worked with many artists, including Rat Pack members, Sammi Starr, So$a Man, M Deez, as well as international artists like Queen Ifrica and Jah Cure.
“M Deez, So$a and Daddi Whites, their first song together in 2006 called ‘I’m a Boss’, I produced that. M Deez has a new song called ‘Millionaire’, which I engineered and did the beat for. Sammi Starr’s ‘Not Over You’ and ‘I’ll Never Leave’, I worked with him on those,” said Showtime Shaddy.
For Queen Ifrica and Jah Cure, Showtime Shaddy said he has done studio engineering.
“Basically with every Bahamian artists I’ve worked with, I did engineering, writing and made beats for them. With the beats, they would come to me with a song idea and we could decide on what beat that will go good with the song. I could sell you a beat and you can go to a different studio and record it, or I can sell you a beat and you can record it with me. So the engineering part would be me recording you, telling you how to record it and how to arrange the song,” said Showtime Shaddy.
Even though he wanted to further his skills and study the trade in school, Showtime Shaddy said his work is God given talent and he is thankful for that.
He said he is currently in the studio working on his second album “The Uneducated Genius.” He is also working on projects for the HD Boyz, Sammi Starr, So$a Man and M Deez.
“In the future I want to work with Ronnie Butler, D Mac and more traditional artists. Other than that, I’ve basically worked with all the other rappers and singers in the Bahamas, and I am open to everybody. People can contact me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Showtime Shaddy,” he said.
At times it can be difficult operating a recording studio, particularly when it comes to remaining up to date with equipment, said Showtime Shaddy.
“Right now we are actually renovating Da Hill. Technology expands everyday and you got new software coming out and new instruments. Technically the stuff you’re using wouldn’t get old because once it is working for you, you can work with it, but if you want to upgrade then you have to look at prices and all that comes with it. So I’ll say it is pretty difficult if you want to keep upgrading, but if you are comfortable in you’re zone, you can work with what you have,” said Showtime Shaddy.
“I know guys that are working with equipment from 2003 and still have the same up to date sound,” he said.
Four years from now, Showtime Shaddy said he would like to see Da Hill going international, with a studio in Nassau and abroad.
He said a lot of times he wants to give up, but something always comes up to make him push further.

“Sometimes I might not make any money from the studio and the following week or month, I may make a good amount and that right there tells me things will happen,” he said.
“You want to give up, but you have to keep pushing, especially when you know you have that it factor. That is the feedback I get from people and they keep telling me not to stop. My parents have been backing me from day one and I am going to keep at it,” he said.


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