Artist Illustrates God's Creative Process


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FROM THE few details provide in the creation story about how man was actually made, it is known is that he was designed from the dust of earth. God breathed life-giving breath and man began to live.
Bahamian artist Lemero Wright was influenced by God’s creativity when he made the human species. In his recently held solo exhibition, the artist represented humans as designs by God. The

“Design” exhibit opened last week at the Ladder Gallery, featuring 15 pieces.
Wright’s spiritual consciousness greatly influences his artwork and for this exhibit he sought to replicate God’s creativity in the pieces. While working on the paintings he considered God’s ways. His broad imagination took him to the place of determining whether God used the dust as a sketch pad to make outlines, or if it was turned to clay that he moulded, perfecting the details with his hands.

“The process was hard for me when your mind goes blank and you cannot create anything, but after one painting everything opens up and my creative flow just bursts open. One of the pieces I brought to life is called ‘I Am A Design’. I chose to name it that because we were just designs when we were created by God and now in existence we are the product of his creativity,” he told Tribune Arts.

“Looking at an object just by its shape, I can visualise it in a creative way and show the true beauty of it. The significance of this body of work is that I am challenged to look beyond and create something that will be unique and tell its own story,” said Lemero. 
Wright has been painting since he was 14-years-old. Much of his early work explored several themes in one show. He deviated from his previous format and focused solely on one theme.
Wright is currently studying art education at the College of the Bahamas. He has been inspired by many Bahamian artists including Sue Bennet Williams, Antonius Roberts, John Cox and Max Taylor.
Past shows have included a solo exhibition at the Central Bank Art Gallery, group exhibitions with artists Jackson Petit, Lavar Munroe and Bernard Petit, and several showcases at the annual Wine & Art Festival at the Bahamas National Trust. Lemero recently participated in the Art For Hope event, presented by the Bahamas AIDS Foundation.

“I describe myself as being an innovator and a creator just taking my art to another level. In this art world we are always learning. Never think that you have reached the mark because there are other creative ways we can produce art. For me the sky is the limit. I am getting back into drawing more and who knows maybe sculpture work,” he said.


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