Hospital Lane Residents Get The Call - Each One, Reach One

PASTOR Sharon Nairn of The New Unity Fellowship Int’l Ministries and gospel artist Mr J, president of Mr J Int’l & Entertainment, have joined forces to reach the community of Bain & Grants Town with an outdoor street concert.

The event will take place on June 22 at the Sarah Ingraham Park through Hospital Lane at 6pm. It is expected to feature performances by artists such as Christian Massive, DJ Counsellor, Peter Runks, who took Nassau by storm with his hit single Badness Outta Style, and Mr Lynx.
The theme of the concert, ‘The Call’, seeks to communicate the message of salvation and life to the people of the inner city.

The team has brought together a variety of talent in the gospel music ministry to bring the word of God to the streets.
Marion Curry, co-organiser, said: “We are bringing a community together and saving lives for the Kingdom of God.”
Pastor Sharon Nairn, who has been working within the Bain and Grants Town community for the past nine years, has a love and bond for the young people.

She has integrated the church and community and made them one. She said the concert will bring a sense of hope, enrichment and enlightenment to the residents.
Her aim is to inspire the people to become more involved with the church and with their community in transforming the area.

Her motto ‘each one, reach one’ gives her the confidence that this can be done, coupled with the help of Mr J and other gospel artists.
Pastor Nairn and the New Unity Fellowship hosts an annual community fair in October which allow the residents to participate in fellowship.

For additional information persons can email marionscurry@yahoo.com


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