Job Applicants Exceed Posts 10x At Ex-Robin Hood


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BUSINESSMAN Sandy Schaefer says he has distributed more than 1,100 applications for the 135-145 jobs that will be created when his new retail venture, ‘Shepherd’s Mart’, opens off Tonique Williams-Darling Highway by month’s end.

Telling this newspaper that reviving both his stores would create a net 400 jobs, Mr Schaefer said: “Clearly there are a lot of people out there suffering, and a lot of who need jobs. We told persons to come at 11 am Friday, but by the time I pulled up at 9.15 am we already had about 400 people out here.

“I brought about 500 applications thinking that would be enough. We have gone through already 1,100, so there is a real demand and the line just doesn’t stop. We’re looking, between part-time and full-time, anywhere from 135-145 jobs.”

Mr Schaefer added: “At Tonique Williams you have great numbers. You still have Fidelity Bank and 10 other smaller sub-tenants who will also be seeking employees. I think the net impact will probably be about 200-225 jobs here.”

The former Robin Hood principal recently told this newspaper that he expected its former Tonique Williams-Darling location to re-open as Shepherd’s Mart at the end of March or early April 2013. Mr Schaefer has credited his Summerwinds Plaza landlord, PLP MP Leslie Miller, with providing a “generous and reasonable” lease, which helped facilitate the reopening.

According to Mr Schaefer, the former Robin Hood location at Prince Charles Drive location, which he said failed due to the roadworks project, is set to re-open by the end of June or early July.

“Once we get the other store open we are looking at another 135-140 full and part-time employees. Plus, at that store, you will have ancillary stores. They are going to be developing another 55-65 jobs on top of the 135. We are looking at more or less 400 jobs being created over next couple of months,” Mr Schaefer said.

He previously added that around $10 million has been invested to re-open both of his former Robin Hood outlets.


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