Mr J releases 'My Favourite Scripture'


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WHENEVER the opportunity comes for him to make a difference, gospel musician Gesner “Mr J” Dalmon puts pen to paper to create for people to live by.

His latest creation “My Favourite Scripture,” is based on the popular bible verse, John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Just in time for the Easter season, he said the song reflects on the love of God for all, no matter how far they have fallen from His grace.

“It laments the fact that we, as Christ said, prefer and love the darkness rather than the light of God. For listeners, this song is a reminder that faith in Christ brings eternal life. To reject this free gift that God has given will result in eternal damnation,” Mr J told Tribune Religion.

Mr J said: “Despite the fact that sometimes people do not have any sort of desire to do what is pleasing to God and he still shows grace and his love towards us, as stated in John 3:16. The song is about that.”

For Mr J, he said he reflected on his life as he wrote the song. “I looked at how God sent his son to die for us. Despite him showing his love, for me personally, it was disregarded because of the way I was living my life,” said Mr J. “I did not appreciate God’s grace. I was living in sin. Despite the disobedience, God’s grace is still available for us to repent of our sins and be in the position to gain eternal life after we die,” he said.

“My favourite scripture tells me about how God loves the sinner. Every thief and murderer. My favourite scripture tells me about how God loves the sinner,” states the chorus of the song. 
Mr J said the song fits well with the Easter season, although it was not initially planned to be an Easter themed song.

“It just happened that a producer in Florida, by the name of Joe, built the beat and invited artists to join on it. The work was completed about two weeks ago, which was perfect timing for the season that we are entering,” said Mr J.

When writing his songs, Mr J said the wisdom, encouragement and drive comes from God. “Before I write a song, I ask God for guidance to write the words that people can relate to,” he said.
Most recently, Mr J released “Stop Drinking Rum” and “I’m A Virgin”, songs that “really encouraged people and gained a lot of play”.

“I’m a Virgin is really a buzz right now. I’ve had interviews as far as the UK, Turks & Caicos and Florida for the single. There are persons who are doubting the song and me, but there are also persons who are encouraging me because it is a message that people want to hear,” said Mr J.

“When I was 14, I made a promise to God that I would remain pure until I consummated my marriage. Don’t believe for one minute that it is easy because when you combine women who catch your attention with friends constantly joking and pressuring you, you can fall in,” said Mr J.
In “Stop Drinking Rum,” he decided to hit out directly at Beenieman & Future Fambo’s “Rum and Red Bull” song which took the industry by storm. While the duo sings about starting their day with alcohol and various mixtures of intoxicating beverages, Mr J recommended starting one’s day in solemn posture and meditation before God the father. He offers a healthy alternative rather than indulging in alcohol consumption.


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