Bank Sponsors Student Of The Year Award

BANK of The Bahamas has signed on as the title sponsor for the prestigious Primary School Student of The Year Awards Programme.

A national recognition programme, it honours and rewards high performing primary school students from more than 120 schools around the country.

BOB’s $5,000 will provide a scholarship for the most exceptional student from among this year’s nominees.

During a cheque presentation to Noel Vandyke Pratt, Chairman, Bahamas Primary School Student of The Year Foundation, Hubert Edwards, Deputy Managing Director, Bank of The Bahamas said BOB was pleased to support a worthy cause that encourages students to value education and strive for excellence in academics and life.

“Bank of The Bahamas is a great believer in the value of education. We believe that education is the key to developing productive, responsible citizens who in turn help to create a better Bahamas, therefore, we are delighted to support a programme that promotes the values we esteem so highly,” Mr Edwards said.

Since 1997, the Board of Directors of The Primary School Student of The Year Foundation and the Nassau Bahamas Pan Hellenic Council have partnered with the Ministry of Education to recognise the best and brightest primary school students from around the country.

The awards programme culminates each May with a gathering of nominees in Nassau for a meeting with the Governor General and presentations of awards and scholarships.

All nominated students receive recognition and trophies.

“Everyone may not win a scholarship but just the fact that they were nominated to represent their schools says a lot about them. It’s an achievement and so we ensure that for everyone that achievement is recognised,” Mr Pratt said.

Since its inception participation in the programme has grown from 30 schools to more than 122 schools in Nassau, Grand Bahama and The Family Islands.

Each school may nominate one student only and nominees are judged on academic achievement from 4th grade to 6th grade as well as contribution to school life, extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

The programme seeks to recognise well rounded students and for this reason academic achievement alone does not guarantee placement in the programme.


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