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THE track list to KB’s new album includes noticeable names from across the country. From Papa Smurf and Jitana to the late T’rez Hepburn and the New Entry Band, the KB and Friends Volume 4 album embraces a wide range of talent.

The veteran singer told In Ya Ear, “People can look forward to hearing a beautifully produced album with various Bahamian artists young and experienced. They can look forward to artists performing different styles of music, but most prominently Bahamian music. There has not been a physical Bahamian compilation CD album in a while, I manufactured these for the people who still like to feel their album in their hands instead of just downloading the album in mp3 format.”

“Even artists like Lil’ Wayne, Rihanna, Jay-Z and many others in the industry see their sales numbers falling because of the market, but like always my sales and support have always been great for me. I expect the same success here, I think most people pick up my product because of the excellent writing, the subject matter and from my past. They see me as someone that will bring quality to the music market. But to be as good as the last, that’s another thing,” said KB.
Also on the album are musicians such as Wilfred Solomon, Colyn McDonald, Lady Sho, Bazie, Creamo and Stinkin’ Wayz band.

“Being who I am in the industry of course I know the artists out there, and I will be approached by some of them. Some of these artists on the album were pointed out to me by my production team, Colyn McDonald and Cedric Mackey. Some of them I had in mind of working with anyway,” said KB.
He said the album was produced and recorded in New Providence and Grand Bahama. KB said the New Entry Band out of Abaco was flown into New Providence to record their song live in studio. He calls it “an island hopping album, with a lot of enjoyment and hard work.”
The album features songs such as “Stay with me forever” by KB, “Duck Down Low” by Colyn McDonald, “When I Pass (Dey Laugh)” by Wilfred Solomon, “Shake It Up (Lemme See U Shake)” by T’rez Hepburn and others.

“Shake It Up was the last song I had produced for T’rez, and the executive producer Mr Les Turnquest had offered the song to me because he knew that I was about to work on this project. She was a great talent and will be missed,” said KB.
KB said when it comes to music it is best to not be selfish. He encouraged young artists to sacrifice and commit to their craft.

“Pick up an instrument, it’s a good tool to train the ear, if you don’t have to get a day job, don’t. If you truly want to be successful, you need to give 100 per cent to your craft. It’s a pity that most of our musicians young and old have to work outside of their careers. This album was produced and funded by myself, as another tool to keep the industry alive and to bring fourth new talent to the Bahamian public,” said KB.
As a way of giving back, KB said he will be donating part proceeds to “The Friends of the Environment” organisation out of Abaco.

“I am learning a lot about our habitat, and I think more artists should find a cause to adopt,” he said.
Apart from the album, KB said he will be keeping focused on his rock group Stinkin’ Wayz for the remainder of the year. The band placed third in the Global Battle of the Bands in London last year.
KB said it was an awesome experience.

“I will be working on my next book, a biography, and I will be in studio all this year working on some new material I cannot mention right now. There will be lots of live functions, we will be working on some KB and Friends concerts throughout the islands and hopefully out of country. The independence celebrations should also keep me pretty busy. I never have enough free time, but these days I try to find time for me, I am enjoying my life and I am very proud of my accomplishments and what I have given and added to my country’s culture,” said KB.


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