Made You Look

Unity Fest, featuring Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Wyclef Jean, “lived up to its name”, according to Anthony Coakley, 100 Jamz operations manager. A larger crowd was expected for the 242 Dreamer event, held at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre on Haitian Flag Day. However, those in attendance were entertained by a mix of performances between Bahamian artists and Haitian musicians. 
Headliner Wyclef said he would like to return to the Bahamas and perform again, since his set was cut short when police shut down the event at 2am.

In 2010 Wyclef made headlines when he attempted to run for president of Haiti. He was disqualified because he did not meet the residency requirements. However, Wyclef said he will remain at the forefront and vocal about issues that affect people in Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil and other parts of the world.


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