Readers react to shooting

COMPUTER users took to the internet to express their opinions at The Tribune’s website, www.tribune242.com, in the wake of Mr Bruner’s death. Here is a selection of their comments.

This is just awful and my prayers go out to this gentleman’s family. He is indeed a real hero who gave up his life to save someone else’s life. Words cannot express just how much I respect and honour Mr Bruner, today. I’m a Bahamian woman... it could have been me he was saving. May His soul rest in peace.


This is absolutely awful! My sincerest condolences go out to the family of Mr Bruner.

Again, while unemployment is a major issue, crime needs to be taken in hand. The local authorities have had their chance. Help is warranted. True leaders know how to ask for help. In crime ridden New York, Giuliani turned things around there. Ingraham consulted him and was ridiculed for doing so. We need help whether domestic or foreign. Our country, its citizens and its visitors will not survive if we continue to allow crime to get out of control.

We need to stop investing in these physical signs of progress. Please invest money in the police and defence forces. Pay them more, train them better, recruit more qualified personnel, give them the resources needed to do their jobs. Money and resources is power.


Police don’t need help from New York. New York couldn’t help Boston, what the hell they coming here for? Police need help from you’ll Bahamians who are hiding all those xxxxs in your homes. Parents who know their children doing xxxx what the FBI coming here for? They need the same information. Come on Bahamas think for yourself, you either 100% behind helping the police and the government or stay living in fear and bitching and complaining. Take a look at the person in the mirror and say ‘am I doing enough?’ Stop thinking all police are corrupt - in every bag there will be one or two bad apples - what you do when you find one, you throw it away and eat the rest you don’t trow the whole bag away. STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE. Am just tired a you all hypocrites complaining.


Speaking of negativity, your comment was full of it!

Yes, the Bahamian public does need to stop hiding these thugs. It’s not negativity, it’s constructive criticism. It’s thought processes like yours that don’t contribute to solutions, because no one stops to consider a different path. Everyone wants to continue beating the same path with the same poor result of escalating crime.

The truth of the matter is, many of the police are corrupt and accept bribes from criminals because they aren’t paid enough. The police force has become a job source of last resort, because it’s a low playing field with little respect.

Many of them respond to crimes and can’t fill out the police report because they can’t read and write! That is real talk and a real experience where my mother had to write the report because the unfortunate officer admitted to his own illiteracy.

There simply aren’t enough officers on the force to do the job well or even to respond to emergencies. We keep putting pressure on Commissioner Greenslade without giving him the proper tools and resources to produce results.

If anything, my comment was in support of better working conditions for police officers because, my dear, they do need it. Your comment about Boston is not applicable, we are talking about crime not terrorism.

PS I’m not complaining I’m offering a discussion and points for solution.


Very sad indeed... I am so upset right now with these dirty wanna be thugs who go around inflicting pain and fear on innocent people. Can’t even walk the streets of Nassau anymore or leave your house without the fear of something happening. Now this will have a negative impact on the Bahamas for sure... I hope the police find the culprits and deal with them accordingly.


Why aren’t the police monitoring these areas 24 hours a day? We have a massive amount of police officers, and we are continuing to churn out more and more each year from the Training College. They are not short staffed. We need police on the ground watching the tourists’ backs. We all know Mackey Street and Shirley Street in that area are problem areas


So, what are we going to do now? Are some of our politicians aware of what is happening???



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