Bahamas Wins Second Mission Catwalk Challenge

The hit regional fashion show “Mission Catwalk” crowed its second Bahamian designer as best of the best, when David Rolle won the weekly challenge in episode 6 of the show’s third season.

Only 8 contestants remain in the competition, including the two Bahamians, Rolle and Theodore Elyett. Mr Elyett won the first challenge of the show and is currently busy constructing replicas of the winning African print summer dress for the growing demand.

After being in the top three for all individual challenges leading up to episode 6, Mr Rolle finally secured his first win.

“My design inspiration for episode 6 of Mission Catwalk Season 3 came directly from the fabrics. The challenge for this episode was based on up-cycling looks from previous episodes. Because of the challenge, I had little control over my fabric selection. I ended up with a male denim jacket and a forest green denim pants. I immediately thought to myself, military. From the look provided, I was able to produce what is best described as a denim cap sleeve sheath dress with peplum waistline,” said Mr Rolle.

“While very sleek and easy on the eyes, this dress has details at every view point. From a bright yellow lined peplum, exposed metal jacket zipper and delicate curves at the back. I gave my modern take on the traditional cap sleeve. Keeping the cut of this denim dress very feminine. I used the pant provided to create a military inspired hat and a small clutch,” he said.

“I showed up to episode 6 with fire in my bones. It felt rewarding to finally taste victory. However, I didn’t want to forget that the competition was still going on. This meant a short but sweet celebration, then back to work.

As of Monday fans can head over to Lee’s Tropical Plaza (Kingston, Jamaica) and purchase a reproduction of Mr Rolle’s winning design.


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