Electricity restored to 99% of customers

THE Bahamas Electricity Corporation said last night it completed the restoration of electricity supply to the more than 99 per cent of customers in New Providence following widespread flooding on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There is still a small area of Yamacraw Beach Estates where supply remained disconnected due to standing water levels, the company said.

“BEC crews are working in conjunction with the Ministry of Works to complete an assessment of the area and will restore electricity supply as soon as it safe,” said a statement from the company.

BEC officials further advised customers whose homes and businesses have been affected by water damage that they should turn off the main breaker switch and leave it off until a licensed electrician or Ministry of Works electrical inspector assesses the building and determines it is safe to turn on the power supply.

Customers experiencing problems with their electricity were advised to call BEC’s emergency numbers: 302-1800 or 323-5561-4.


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