Man accused of sex with girl, 9, closes case

A JURY will hear closing arguments from counsel in the trial of a man accused of having sexual relations with a nine-year-old girl and taking pictures while in the act.

Edward Butler, a 64-year-old entertainer, closed his case today after electing to give sworn testimony before a seven woman and two men jury.

Butler, who denies unlawful sexual intercourse and child pornography charges, said he was stunned when the allegations were made against him and pictures shown to him when he was at the police station.

He answered "no sir" when asked by his attorney Raymond Rolle, if he committed the crimes that were being alleged.

It is claimed that he committed these acts, between November 9, 2009 and January 8, 2010.

He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Prior to today’s testimony from the accused, the virtual complainant told the court that on a day she was home from school due to illness, a man known to her family had entered the room she slept in and awoke her.

He asked her for oral sex and when she ignored him and went back to sleep, he awoke her again and forced her to give him oral sex.

The girl claimed that another day she was home, it happened again, this time, with the man pulling a cell phone out of his pants pocket and photographing the act.

She claimed that another time he pulled her into the bathroom to tell her that he had lost his phone but got a replacement before the oral sex happened again.

The girl said she went with her mother and uncle to a police station to report the matter in May 2010.

Sergeant Cash, the policewoman and investigator of the allegation, told the court on Monday that during his interview with police, the accused refused to answer questions under the advise of his attorney.

The crown closed its case afterwards.

Butler took the witness stand today and told the court that he had known the family of the complainant for a number of years.

Mr Rolle questioned the accused about the allegations.

"Did you at anytime take a photo of her with your penis in her mouth?" the attorney asked.

"No sir" the defendant answered.

He denied ever committing any of the acts that were testified about in court.

"You were arrested in relation to the charges?" the attorney asked.

"Yes sir" Butler said. When asked if he was cautioned, he said he was.

Butler said police showed him a phone that looked like his and showed him the images on it.

"I responded stunned because I told them 'No'" the defendant said, adding that it could not have been his phone.

Butler claimed he had lost the phone in February 2009.

In cross-examination, prosecutor Darnell Dorsett suggested to the accused that he did not answer any the questions that appeared to be controversial concerning the charges, under the advice of his attorney.

He agreed with her suggestion before denying her subsequent suggestion that he got a replacement phone in February 2010.

Prosecutor Dorsett then suggested to the accused that he used the circumstances of the complainant’s situation to commit the crimes.

"No ma'am" Butler answered.

"Not only did you do it once, you did it twice" the prosecutor suggested.

"No" the defendant replied, further denying that this or photographing the act occurred.

The prosecutor suggested to the accused that he offered the complainant's mother property before the matter was reported.

"I never did," the accused answered.

"I put it to you that you are being dishonest with this court" the prosecutor suggested.

"I say no again," Butler said.

The defence closed its case.

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