Officers Play Respect To Colleague


Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade


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FREEPORT – Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force paid their respects to the late Police Inspector Edison Bain as he lay in repose at the Gerald Bartlett Police Headquarters on Wednesday.

This is the first time in the history of the force that the public viewing of an officer has taken place within the walls of a police facility.

The viewing of retired Inspector Bain was held in the Comstat Room at 9am. Commissioner Greenslade was on hand and greeted the family as they made their way inside the viewing area.

A black steel casket held the body of Inspector Bain, who was outfitted in dark formal police attire.

He will be laid rest at Grand Bahama Memorial Park today following a full military funeral at 10.30am at First Baptist Church on Columbus Drive.

Senior officers from the various divisions throughout Grand Bahama attended the viewing at the police headquarters complex on The Mall Drive.

Commissioner Greenslade said Inspector Bain was a “hero” and dedicated his entire life to the Force in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

He said the viewing was ground-breaking and has never happened before in the Bahamas.

“We recently took a decision that we will bring our officers back home whenever they die – back home meaning police headquarters in Nassau and the district headquarters in the second city where they will lie in repose all day, and the public at large, along with the officers, can come and view the body.

“And so it is a mark of respect. It is our mantra of care and respect for our people and a clear signal to the families that we are family, and will always be here for them,” he said.

Commissioner Greenslade said Inspector Bain will be remembered for his loyal service to the organisation and to the people of the Bahamas.

“He spent his whole working life in the RBPF. I first met him when I was a young Constable aged 18 at Central Police Station in Nassau; he was a strong man, courageous, fiercely loyal, and kept his integrity intact.

“He came over here (to Grand Bahama) and gave all of this time for the remainder of his career to the northern Bahamas.”

ACP Emrick Seymour, officer in charge of the Grand Bahama District, said Inspector Bain served across the various divisions in Grand Bahama, but was best known for his outstanding service as a police prosecutor in Freeport.

“I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Mr Bain. He would be remembered as a mentor to all of us,” he said.

“It is a pleasure for us to be doing this (viewing) on behalf of the family. It is the first time that something like this is being done in the Bahamas. What you see happening here now will be the impetus for all future official ceremonies for police officers who served courageously and die in the line of duty,” Mr Seymour said.

Viewing for the public was held from noon to 6pm.


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