Hotel Union: Employer Actions 'Unfortunate'


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THE Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU) says it is “unfortunate” that the Bahamas Hotel Employers Association (BHEA) decided to publicise their industrial agreement dispute, its vice-president telling Tribune Business the union was set to meet with its membership this week to determine the way forward.

The BHEA last week took out a full-page advertisement outlining its issues with the BHCAWU over negotiations on a new industrial agreement. The five-year agreement expired in January 2013.

Darren Woods said: “This is a contract issue. We will meet with our membership Tuesday night. We want to bring this issue to them. We will take our queue on the way forward from our membership.”

The BHEA has charged that the union failed to submit a proposal 90 days prior to the agreement expiring, and despite sending letters in July and September stating its position, the union did not respond.

The BHEA said the union’s executives had done a disservice to the members, accusing its leadership of acting irresponsibly. The BHEA has proposed a three-year extension of the existing agreement.

“It’s just unfortunate that this is the route the employers would take. This is the same kind of action Restaurants Bahamas took, putting everything in the papers to discredit the union and make it appear as though the union did something wrong,” said Mr Woods.

He added that the union would address the issue further after it meets with its members this week to determine the way forward.


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