Current Contract Holders Will Be Allowed To Bid Again To Run Ankle Bracelet Monitoring


Dr Bernard Nottage


Tribune Staff Reporter


ICS SECURITY Concepts will not be excluded from submitting a new proposal for management of the ankle bracelet monitoring system, despite official criticism of the job they have done so far, National Security Minister Dr Bernard said yesterday.

The three year, $2.7 million contract signed under the previous Ingraham administration in 2010 expires this month.

In the meantime, Dr Nottage told reporters that ICS has been asked to continue its operation of the system until the government receives a response to requests for proposals.

“We have decided that we are going to issue a new request for proposals,” Dr Nottage said, “and that is almost completed. It is likely to be distributed before the end of the month and we are giving companies that are interested in providing the service to us an opportunity to bid on it.

“With respect to continuing the service, it is our intention that we have put to ICS that they continue providing the service for the period of time it takes for us to get a response to the request for proposal. ICS is not excluded from making a proposal if they wish.”

The company came under intense scrutiny in August after the body of a man on bail who was wearing an ankle bracelet was discovered near the South Beach Canal.

Authorities at the time said it appeared as though the man had been dead for at least a week.

Later that same month, a man released from prison wearing an ankle bracelet was discovered and apprehended in Canada.

ISC principal Stephen Greenslade later came to the defence of his company’s monitoring capabilities over the incident.

Mr Greenslade explained that when the offender, a resident of Harbour Island, got to Canada, he was detained by officials there.

He later told authorities that he was given permission to leave the country by a magistrate. Canadian officials then released him.

The offender, the ICS chief said, had no restrictions on his travel privileges.

While the National Security Minister said he has the impression that ICS wishes to re-apply to provide ankle bracelet services, Mr Greenslade has said publicly that he had no problems with giving up the contract in an effort to preserve his company’s reputation.


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Hold up they sold Bracelet & Tin-Firl last lap ..... so allowed to sell mo a da same ? Back fer round 2 ..... OMG


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The MP got a HAND GUN ........ Why cant the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS have one as well..?


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