Pure Purpose Network Discussion Forum

MEMBERS of the Pure Purpose Network recently presented “Daughters of Purpose”, a discussion forum and retreat that gathered many Christian Bahamian locals.

For two nights, the event was held at the New Providence Community Centre, featuring a Dynamic Men’s Panel and a Women and Teen’s Retreat.

Pure Purpose Network is a faith-based network, comprised of Christian women, communities, organisations, ministries, and religious groups, united in serving Christ.

The Daughters of Purpose event had a lineup of local and international speakers for both days.

Patrons enjoyed the men’s panel that featured Matthew Sweeting, Lyall Bethel, Cornelius Lindsey, Werner Gruner, Tyneil Cargil and Stacs Hepburn, followed by a powerful message from keynote speaker, Apostle Raymond Wells.

At the second event, they were entertained by local and international speakers: Davrielle Burrows, Heather Lindsey, Kimberley Jones, Anastarcia Huyler, Kerel Pinder and Terry Ann Phillips.


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