Youth Rally And Family Fun Day

RM Bailey Park will transform into a youth rally and family fun day on October 5 when Chapel on the Hill hosts its “War Against the Devil”. The group will also hold a bible drive for Fox Hill Prison, in hopes of sending bibles to inmates. These Bible help assist in reforming the attitudes, behaviour and mind of inmates. “We believe that these Bible will assist greatly in the prison,” said Pastor Nathan Wells.

This group of believers from the church feel deeply for the youth of the nation, which is why they are staging the event, War Against The Devil Family Fun Day/Youth Rally and Gospel Concert, scheduled to be on R.M. Bailey Park on October 5 from 11am to 9pm.

“Our primary goal for this for event is strictly to win souls for the kingdom of God through evangelism, music ministry and drama. In addition to this we will be issuing bibles to those in attendance.,” said Mr Wells.


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