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FREEPORT – After several days of disruption in landline, internet and cellular phone services in the Northern Bahamas, BTC announced that all services have been restored.

However, some customers were still experiencing interruptions in internet and landline services on Thursday.

Customers calling in to BTC’s technical support to report internet related problems had to wait a long time because of the large number of complaining callers.

Businesses in the Freeport area also experienced problems with the telefax service.

Attempts to contact BTC’s 914 repair and 350-1000 proved fruitless.

Both lines were busy and when tried again a recording came on saying that the numbers were not in service.

In a press statement that was issued to The Tribune on Thursday, BTC advised that a specialised cable repair ship and a BTC crew worked “round the clock” to mend a badly damaged submarine cable.

A freighter anchored off Eight Mile Rock had caused severe damage to the Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network International Cable (II/BDSNi).

In South Andros, a team of engineers at BTC has also completed repairs to a damaged overhead fibre optic cable in Mars Bay.

The cable was shot out by persons pigeon shooting in the area.

“BTC apologises for the disruption and reminds the public to report vandalism of any kind, including copper theft, to the Police as it is a felony and further, these acts disrupt their telecommunications service,” the statement said.


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