$500,000 Of Marijuana Seized


Tribune Staff Reporter


DRUG Enforcement Unit officers confiscated more than $500,000 worth of marijuana in two separate incidents over the weekend.

The first incident happened in Bimini around 8am on Saturday and resulted in the arrest of three men. However, The Tribune understands officers were attempting to arrest the men from late Friday night.

According to reports, around 9:30pm Friday, DEU officers spotted a vessel with its lights out heading south of Alice Town at high speed.

When the suspects saw the police vessel, they sped off in the opposite direction. Police were unable to catch them.

The officers remained in the area until morning and while “making checks” of the northern side of Bimini, they noticed fresh footprints on the shore in East Wells, North Bimini.

Officers followed the foot prints that led them to three men sitting under a tree with a number of bags filled with what is believed to be marijuana around them. The men ran into nearby bushes, but were caught a short time later.

The drugs weighed 411 pounds and have an estimated street value of $411,000.

The three suspects ages 40, 20 and 27, were taken into custody and flown to Nassau late Saturday night.

The second drug find happened around 4am Sunday in New Providence.

According to reports, DEU officers went to the Clifton Pier area and found four men in possession of 118 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of $118,000.

The suspects, ages 45, 32, 24 and 39 were taken into custody.

The total value of drugs confiscated from both drug bust is $529,000.

Investigations into both matters are continuing.

These latest drug seizures come in the wake of several drug finds, most recently the discovery of more than $2 million worth of marijuana in Exuma and a huge marijuana field uncovered at the back of Dignity Gardens in New Providence, thought to contain $500,000 worth of drugs.

Drug Enforcement Unit commander, Supt Samuel Butler said the DEU will continue its effort to fight drug trafficking. He also thanked his “committed” officers for their work and the public for its assistance.


4renbahamian 6 years, 7 months ago

What I find very interesting there are little or no comments about when law inforcement is positive. Are we afraid to say something about the good old drug trade. Great work DEU unit.


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