Kofhe Goodman To Be Sentenced Today


Tribune Staff Reporter


A JUDGE said he only needed another day to complete his ruling in the sentencing of Kofhe Goodman, where a death sentence, life imprisonment and a 15-year-term was asked to be considered for the murder of Marco Archer.

Explaining that “ill health” prevented him from coming to office on Saturday to have a sentence ready for yesterday’s proceedings, Justice Bernard Turner said “I require only 24 more hours just to complete it.”

The judge and counsel agreed to the 1pm adjournment to October 29, today, proposed by Kofhe Goodman’s lawyer, Geoffrey Farquharson.

Goodman, who turned 39 last week and is on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison, stood trial between April 17 and August 2 in connection with the murder of Marco Archer. He was found guilty of the murder charge, despite his not guilty plea.

Between September 23 and September 28, 2011, Goodman killed 11-year-old Marco Archer of Brougham Street.

In last week’s submissions, the prosecution said Goodman was “a menace to society, a predator” who the court should punish with death for his actions.

However, Mr Farquharson asked the court if the offence in this case, based on the circumstances, could be considered the “worst of the worst” according to the standards of common or statute law?

He said it could not be so because there were worse offences and circumstances that had not warranted the death penalty by the law or the London-based Privy Council.


leeza 6 years, 9 months ago

He will hang on Neverary 14th 2014


B_I_D___ 6 years, 9 months ago

This should be an interesting legal screw up...in another 10-15 years, the privy council still will not have been ousted and we still would not be free to hang these bassturds.


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