Rainy Weather Alert Over Tropical Wave

THE south-east Bahamas could be in for some rainy weather associated with a tropical wave that is moving westward, south of Hispaniola.

Forecaster Pat Butler said yesterday that storm, brewing south of Puerto Rico, currently has a 30 per cent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone, but it is not expected, at present time, to head towards The Bahamas.

“That looks like it’s going to stay in the Caribbean sea, continuing going south of Hispaniola and Jamaica,” he said, adding that associated weather will not affect the north-west Bahamas. “If anything, the south-east Bahamas may get some showers from that.”

Mr Butler noted another storm off the coast of Africa has a zero per cent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone. He said: “It’s encountering a lot of dry air so there’s a low, low chance for that system, right now, to become something.”

On Monday, AccuWeather forecasters had said the Bahamas may experience showers and gusty squalls, later this week.

AccuWeather also warned of another system - moving west, over land - near the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. They said that system has a low chance, 20 per cent, of becoming a tropical cyclone.


SP 6 years, 11 months ago

Dr. Minnis and the FNM will take issue with these threats of storms and deal with them accordingly!


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