15 Mixed Tempo Tracks On New Dyson Album

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VETERAN BAHAMIAN artist Dyson Knight is gearing up for the release of his new album next month. The album “Singles Volume 1” will be released on his son’s birthday, and will mark another milestone in his career.
Singles Vol 1 will be available for download on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon, and will be available for purchase at Island FM and Audio Plus on October 21.

“I was recording a large quantity of music tracks that were doing fairly well both underground and on local radio and some foreign radio stations as well, in Holland for instance. There are a lot of experimental tracks on the album so I did not want to categorise it all under one genre or give it a directive through its title. I decided to give the album a title that allows every track to stand on its own ground. The album is in fact a selection of 15 singles that I picked out of around 30 plus tracks that I have recorded over the past year,” he told In Ya Ear.

The tracks on Singles Vol. 1 Dyson said were inspired by life experiences, and came about as a result of observing the lives of others. “Baby On Da Way” and “We Can Kick It” are also meant to create a fun atmosphere, he said.

“All of the songs on Singles Vol. 1 are quite cleverly written so listeners can expect to be intrigued by the ways in which I have chosen to deliver my messages. They can also expect to not be bombarded with too much of any one tempo and or style of music. It is an easy album to listen to from beginning to end without experiencing audible fatigue. On this album there’s a variation of danceable tracks, educational tracks, love tracks, straight up jokes and all of the tracks are culturally/socially sensitive,” said Dyson.

For the album Dyson has collaborated with other artists including Geno D, Chase Fernander, DJ Gully and J Smiles, with co-producer Rik Carey.

“What I love most about Singles Vol. 1 is that it is different from what is expected of Bahamian artists who perform Bahamian music, yet it fits comfortably into the vibe and culture of the Bahamas. There is music for an all out Rake’n Scrape party in the back yard, Junkanoo on Bay or just dinner for two with an oceanic view. I also love that there have been a great deal of requests that I package this body of work and I feel quite confident that this venture will please a lot of people who have and continue to support me as an artist,” said Dyson, who has been on the musical scene for many years, and is known for producing highly fuelled songs with catchy lyrics.

Shortly after recording his first single “Time Bomb,” he joined the Extra Band. The band had successful recordings such as “Private Dancer”, “Drop Down Come Up Slow” and “Regatta Time”.
“I am only hoping people will find tracks on Singles Vol. 1 that they can relate to. If it speaks to them in a way that makes them feel not so much alone, inspires them to keep on pushing and helps life in this climate to be a little bit more fantastic that is a good thing. But as an artist, the only thing I charge myself with is to give it my best and be true in my delivery and how I feel. The rest is up to God,” he said.

Dyson is currently working on a project with Bahamen and a new single with Visage. He is also in the process of recording his third annual Christmas song, as well as completing a few soca tracks with a producer from Barbados.


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