Exalting The Divine From 1939

Celebration will truly be in the air when Holy Spirit Anglican Church, one of the main spiritual pillars in the Chippingham community, rings in their 75th anniversary. Although the church, once known as the “Little Lipstick Church”, officially celebrates this milestone on January 12, 2014, it is organising six months of activities leading up to the grand celebration.

Under the theme “Exalting the Divine from 1939” the church, located on Howard Street, invites former members and the public to come out and participate in the many planned activities.

“On October 19 we plan to have a Fun Run Walk that will start from the church grounds, lead to Goodman’s Bay and back.

“This is an important first event to us because we want people to be able to celebrate with us in body and spirit. It’s good to be healthy in as many ways as possible and enter this new era of our life as a church energized physically and spiritually. We look forward to the public coming out to support us and walk for their own health as well,” said Father Peter Scott, rector of the church. Registration forms are available from the Parish office.

Other events include Holy Spirit’s second annual parish Grill, Chill and Mini Fair, which will take place on November 16, on the church’s grounds. An Advent Organ Recital on December 15 will be a celebratory event on the church’s new Allergo Pipe Organ that aims to feed the spiritual and musical appetite of its supporters, at no cost.

“We want to celebrate in as many ways as possible which is why we have other events that will draw different sects of people into our celebration,” said Father Scott. “We have a youth focused event called ‘Youth Event in da Park” set for February 8, 2014 where we want to have fun with the youth not only in our church but the surrounding communities. We want to reach out and share the word of God and how he applies in their everyday life. This is something we always aim to do but this time it is more special than usual.”

The grand event that will be the peak in the celebrations will be the official 75th Anniversary of Dedication Pontifical Mass of Thanksgiving which will happen on January 12, 2014 at the church at 9am.

This will be a time where the whole Anglican diocesan community, former members and the public can gather together and celebrate with Holy Spirit and its congregation as it is blessed for many more years to come. A family brunch will follow in the church’s gardens.

To give the public as well as younger members of the church a glimpse of the rich history of the church there will be an ongoing historical exhibition throughout the month of January 2014.

“And the real highlight of this year of celebration will be our 75th anniversary gala ball which will be held at the Wyndham Nassau Resort on March 1, when past and present priests will be honoured. This will truly be a year to remember,” said Father Scott.

Beyond these celebratory times the members of the church have high hopes for the church’s future. Holy Spirit, which has grown from the little Red and White Chapel Canon Holmes built 75 years ago, was originally established because St. Mary the Virgin Church was a distance away and the Chippingham community was growing and needed its own church. Since the original structure was built the church has grown structurally, spiritually and in population. It has about 250 regular members and a steady flow of visitors and former members who attend from time to time. This ebbing and flowing of members is one of the major challenges that the church still faces despite being active in the community for so long.

Even without the strong membership numbers it wishes, the church has held its own over the years and established numerous ministries that have succeeded in reaching the different demographics in the church and the community. These ministries include Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, St. Ambrose Guild, The Girls’ Brigade, Christian Youth Movement, Young Adults Ministry, Anglican Church Women, Anglican Church Men, Usher Guild, Signing Choir, the Holy Spirit Chorale, Praise team, Prayer Group, Bible Study and Social Outreach.

Despite its ups and downs in various areas, what the church and its members are most proud of is being able to touch lives, mould young minds and assists hundreds in need within the church and the surrounding communities.

“As we look to the future we pray for God’s guidance as we seek to worship and serve God through service to others,” said Father Scott.

“We pray for more members, we pray for more commitment and we pray that God will raise up among us, leaders of the Parish, prepared to take the Parish to 2039 (our 100th Anniversary).”


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