School Updates

11.30am UPDATE: Teachers at Stephen Dillet are planning to walk off campus at 3pm after waiting for over an hour-and-a-half for the Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald to come and address them. The Tribune can also confirm that teachers at Uriah McPhee are demonstrating at this hour.

POLICE were called out to Stephen Dillet Primary School this morning as teachers continued to stage their sit-out over conditions at the school. Bahamas Union of Teachers president Belinda Wilson has joined the teachers in their demonstration, despite the government's assurances that the school is fit to open.

There is a heavy police presence at the scene and there are reports that Ministry of Education officials are due to arrive at the campus.


justthefactsplease 7 years ago

Why would there be the need for "heavy police presence"? Do they expect violence or are we fast becoming a police state? Are they there to protect person or property or for the sole purpose of intimidating the teachers? This place is getting scary.


ThisIsOurs 7 years ago

Yep. They're being used to control everyone except the criminals...murders, robberies, web shops...street corner drug dealers..I mean phone card vendors


ohdrap4 7 years ago

That building is a monument to stupidity. Surely it has to be a fire hazard to have a building with no windows.

It is sad that teachers seem to be led by a rabble-rouser, it does not help their cause.

The silliness over Anatol Rodgers school now discredits the pertinent concerns a Stephen dillet.


ThisIsOurs 7 years ago

Somebody's idea about being the first air conditioned primary school no doubt...something to crow about. No thought to the long term maintenance costs. Same thing is going on at COB...they'll be tagged a "university" sometime within the next few years, someone will get a pat on the back for this great achievement and nothing would have changed except the title.


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