Group Launched To End Street Harassment

A GROUP officially launched today is seeking to bring an end to street harassment.

Hollaback! is an international organisation and the Bahamas branch launched today expands the group to 26 countries, based in 79 cities.

The group says that street harassment is any unwanted attention, comment, or gesture between strangers in a public space.

“Street harassment is a plague of society and it has been accepted in The Bahamas for too long,” said Alicia Wallace, director of Hollaback! Bahamas.

“We’re focusing on education and awareness as we want everyone to understand what street harassment is and why it is not acceptable. We all deserve to safely access public space.”

Horn honking, lewd gestures, and comments about bodies cause victims to feel intimidated, infuriated, uncomfortable, objectified, and terrified, says the group.

“We’ve been actively responding to issues in the community both on a grassroots level and through the media. We’ve staged a protest, held a chalk walk, and joined forces with other civic groups to host Protect Women & Children last week,” said Terneille Burrows, assistant director.

“We’re excited about empowering those who experience street harassment to respond strongly and safely with our support.”

Hollaback! Bahamas encourages victims of street harassment to share their stories and contribute to research by completing the survey on bahamas.ihollaback.com.

“We’re doing this so everyone can access streets, parks, malls, and educational institutions without fear,” said Ms. Wallace.

“Emily May, executive director of Hollaback! said it best. ‘We only have eight or nine years before the babies in strollers today start experiencing street harassment too. Our children deserve better, we deserve better.’”


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