Man on bail for murder held after robbery


Tribune Staff Reporter


POLICE arrested a 39-year-old man on bail for a triple murder moments after he robbed a woman at gunpoint early Sunday morning in the Faith Avenue area.

According to police, Southwestern Division Officers were on patrol around 3am when a woman told them a man had just robbed her of her 2009 Honda Accord on Faith Avenue north.

The officers immediately went into the Faith Avenue area, where they spotted the car being driven by a man. The officers ordered the man to stop. Instead he sped off, which led to a short, high-speed chase by police.

The suspect eventually stopped the car and fled on foot, dropping a handgun in his attempt to escape. Officers chased and arrested him a short time later in nearby bushes. Police also searched the suspect and found a quantity of ammunition in his possession. The handgun that he had dropped was also recovered.

The suspect is on bail charged with the murders of two women - one of whom was eight months pregnant - and a 30-year-old man.

Last month, National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage reiterated that the courts should not give bail to persons charged with murder. His criticism of the judiciary in Parliament came two days after Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said repeat offenders out on bail continue to challenge anti-crime initiatives.

Dr Nottage explained that the Government is moving to enact several changes to the legal system in an effort to reduce the wait time involved in cases.

Commissioner Greenslade said officers arrest repeat offenders on a daily basis, many of them still out on bail.


Clamshell 9 years, 1 month ago

Who is he accused of killing? When? How long has he been running free on bond? How much was his bond? Lazy, lazy reporting.


TheMadHatter 9 years, 1 month ago

All this means is that when he is arrested for speeding 3 months from now, he will be out on bail for triple-murder AND armed robbery. The guy who was arrested early last year for possesion of a half ounce of marijuana, however, will still be steadily serving his 5 year sentence in prison. No bail for that sucker.



bismark 9 years, 1 month ago

what is he doing on bail in the first place?


henny 9 years, 1 month ago

Stop procrastinating Bahamas and do something about the laws. Do not give bail to those accused of committing murder or those repeat offenders accused of robbery and home invasion. The country will never get better until this is done.


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