Former Senior Cop Doubts Haitian Leader's Sincerity


Michel Martelly


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Thompson says Haitian President Michel Martelly is “insincere” about his illegal immigration concerns, suggesting that Haiti’s law enforcement agencies could do more to prevent illegal human trafficking from that country.

In a letter to the editor that appears in today’s Tribune, he said: “It is my opinion, with all due respect, that President Michel Martelly is insincere about his concerns over his nationals taking the dangerous journeys on boats to come to the Bahamas.”

“I have lived in the Bahamas since 1951,” he said, “and there have been numerous such meetings between our governments and Haitian governments on the subject. Over the decades between President ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier and his successors many promises were made,  but never kept. There was a plan to recruit Haitian labour in Haiti, which never materialised. No assistance has been forthcoming from Haitian governments to deal with illegal immigration and the invasion of the ‘boat people.’”

Mr Thompson said his work in Haiti during his career left him impressed with the country’s Intelligence Unit.

“I am convinced,” he said, “that if the government of Haiti were interested in eradicating human trafficking and the dangers to which their nationals are exposed, the Haitian police and army could do so promptly and expose the traffickers in the Bahamas and Haiti.”

President Martelly was recently in this country to sign several bilateral agreements with Bahamian government officials in an effort to boost investment in his country. The president has argued that boosting his country’s economy could, in the long term, deter the flood of illegal immigrants into the Bahamas and other countries.

While speaking to reporters this week, he said: “Every time a Haitian dies trying to get a better life, at the level of the state we feel like we’re responsible for not doing enough and yet we are doing enough.”

• Click HERE for Mr Thompson’s letter in full.


mangogirl01 5 years, 5 months ago

He ain call Sweet Mickey for nothing, sweet talk is his forte and our prime minister, government and opposition officials fell for it!


birdiestrachan 5 years, 5 months ago

I agree with Mr. Thompson, Mr Martelly loves those American dollars being sent back to Haiti, As he says they love Haiti. but they are in the Bahamas for a better way of life. Free education. free health care. this also help him to have less responsibility for those people who have left. and the burden is on the Bahamian tax payers..


TalRussell 5 years, 5 months ago

Surprised to read Comrade Paul Thompson is only thinking Haitian President Martelly is “insincere” about his illegal immigration concerns. The math is simple, if the remittances from Haitians livelong abroad were to come to a sudden halt, Haiti's GDP would come crashing down by 40%, along with Comrade "Sweet Mickey's" already rocky presidency, forcing him into exile to restart his singing carrier.

Sweet Mick Rides He Bike to Remittance Agent



Bahamianpride 5 years, 5 months ago

Martelly has benefited greatly from the dysfunctional system in Haiti & in a few years he'll be living it up in France or some wonderful exiled country after robbing the nation of all that aid money. He is more than insincere he is a major part of the problem. They can stop it today if they wish but why stop a system that allows Haiti to rid itself of many of its social problems. He knows countries will pay to keep Haiti away plus if the voyage is successful millions with flow back into Haiti. Win win situation for him.


pablojay 5 years, 5 months ago

Paul Thompson is one of the few letter writers who, in my opinion is always spot on and what he says makes sense. I always think it a waste of time for our political leaders to entertain Martelly, but i understand why they do ..It speaks volume of our inept immigration policies, when our leaders feel compelled to do so because neither one of them wants to upset him, whereby he tells Haitians who are naturalized not to vote for their respective party.The sad thing about this is that they are now Bahamians,but have more respect for the Haitian leader than ours,that's why he is always laughing,because he knows he has them by the balls and they don't want him to squeeze. Haiti's biggest export for the last 60 years has been PEOPLE, who in turn remit vast sums of money . For him to stop illegal immigration is akin to Saudi Arabia stopping oil export.


sheeprunner12 5 years, 5 months ago

Yep ............... if anyone can spot a facade it would be a slick Bajan .............. LOL


DEDDIE 5 years, 5 months ago

The Americans felt exactly the same way with regards to drug trafficking during ACP Thompson watch.


SP 5 years, 5 months ago

Haitian President Michel Martelly better stay his Haitian ass in Haiti and deal with his own governments problems.



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