Readers Give Their Views On Citizenship

In the latest Tribune poll, we asked readers if they agreed with FNM MP Hubert Chipman that children born in the Bahamas to Haitians should be given status.

The majority of those voting on tribune242.com, 74 per cent, said they did not think the children should be given status, while 26 per cent said they should.

The subject prompted a lively response online. Commenting on the issue,

‘Asiseeit’ said: “If a person comes to the Bahamas as an illegal, the last thing you do is reward them by giving their children citizenship. We already reward illegals by giving them free healthcare and schooling. There needs to be a contract system such as the US had in the day set up for Haitians.”

‘Hogfish’ had a suggestion: “If the parents were here ILLEGALLY then citizenship for the children should NOT be an option. Permanent residency, yes! But citizenship NO. If the parents were here LEGALLY, paying work permits and living and making their life here like proper upstanding citizens and contributing to the economy. Then yes, the child should have the option of citizenship without question – which is how it is right now.

The critical difference here is that if you give citizenship to children from ILLEGAL immigrants then you are rewarding an illegal activity and you will also open the floodgates to every pregnant Haitian woman to jump on a boat!!”

‘Letitbeme’ said: “We cheapen our citizenship, and what it means to be Bahamian, when we would even consider such absurdity?”

‘Checkertwo’ thought the MP had an agenda: “Chipman foolishly believes this stance will help the FNM get the ‘Haitian’ vote. But at what price - they will LOSE even more Bahamian votes in the process. What dummies!!! It is past time for brave patriotic leadership in government.

‘Beywhatusay’ had a different perspective: “What is appalling to me is the human factor that Mr Chipman is alluding to that all you above have missed. Well, the Haitian children who are now adults, didn’t ask to be born, have never left the Bahamas and now because of archaic laws are sent back to a destitute land they don’t know. Whether you want to believe it or not that would be like me sending a Bahamian of Bahamian parentage to a country that speaks a foreign language in many regards be it the native tongue, traditions, day to day life, etc. How would you feel? Mr Chipman is not referring to the Haitian illegals that are just coming to us now. He is referring to those who have a Bahamian birth certificate, hold many diplomas from various private or public schools in our country, and who may even own a company that employs Bahamians.”

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