BEC optimism shortlived as power cuts continue


NUMEROUS areas in New Providence were again without power yesterday despite assurances from Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) officials that residents would not experience service disruptions this week.

The Tribune can confirm three power outages that affected eastern, western and southern New Providence between 2am and 12.35pm yesterday, less than 24 hours after BEC spokesperson Arnette Ingraham expressed the corporation’s optimism in its power generation network.

Ms Ingraham said she received reports of power outages in the eastern and southern parts of New Providence shortly after midnight. She attributed the outage to “generation challenges” and said that customers’ power supply was reconnected by 5am.

Shortly after 11.45am yesterday, there were reports of power outages in areas of western New Providence. Ms Ingraham confirmed that parts of Coral Harbour, West Bay Street, Westridge, Orange Hill and the John F Kennedy subdivisions were affected between 9.15am and 10.55am. Ms Ingraham said this was due to “issues with one of the engines.”

The Lynden Pindling International Airport also suffered power cuts yesterday, the second time in five days. However, according to Ms Ingraham, the outage was due to a passing weather system and not a problem that generated from within the corporation. Lightning reportedly affected BEC’s substation in Windsor Field near the airport, resulting in a power outage that lasted for 53 minutes from 11.42am. Parts of Coral Harbour as well as Blake Road were also affected.

Ms Ingraham said the corporation is aware of the current faults in its system and that BEC is working to get the problem fixed.

“At this point BEC does have challenges on its generation transmission and distribution network that we are working to resolve,” she said. “We know the customers are experiencing outages, and if possible we would like these outages to be brief as possible and affect as few customers as possible.”

On Tuesday, Ms Ingraham told The Tribune that the corporation did not predict any challenges with its power generation network, although as a disclaimer she said that unforeseen challenges could cause temporary disruptions.

She said people hitting utility poles, substation issues or potential lightning strikes were among some of the things that the corporation deemed as “unforeseen challenges.”

Yesterday’s outages were the latest in a streak of power cuts that have affected the capital.


Well_mudda_take_sic 8 years, 6 months ago

Meanwhile Perry Christie refuses to step up to the plate and say anything at all about the government's seeming inability to properly address the persistent power outages we now experience every Summer, posing serious health issues for many (and I dare say even death for some) not too mention the dire economic consequences for many struggling business establishments. In typical fashion, Christie is much more inclined to stand before parliament and blow hot air about how it would be most inappropriate for him to in any way oversee, monitor or intervene in the affairs of BEC having appointed an MP (Leslie Miller) for that very purpose. WELL MR. CHRISTIE, YOUR APPOINTEE AKA BOZO THE CLOWN MILLER JUST AIN'T GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO DO ANY THING MORE THAN SPANK THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE WHO HE CLAIMS BEG TO BE SLAPPED UP BY HIM! IT IS YOU MR. CHRISTIE (NOT MILLER) WHO MUST STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND TELL US THE ROOT CAUSE OF BEC'S PERSISTENT POWER OUTAGES AND HOW AND WHEN THEY WILL BE MADE A THING OF THE PAST.


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