TRIBUNE POLL: Readers say 'no' to carnival

THE majority of voters in The Tribune online poll say they are NOT in favour of the Government’s controversial decision to host a Carnival in the Bahamas.

Eighty-seven per cent of those voting on tribune242.com said they were against the plan, with one calling the event “a stupid and insulting waste of taxpayer dollars all to create a counterfeit foreign event”. Just 13 per cent were for a Carnival.

Tribune242.com readers have also been having their say on the latest news.

• After church leader Rev CB Moss called on Cabinet to reject the College of The Bahamas College Council’s recommendation that Dr Rodney Smith be reappointed as president of COB, ‘Frosty’ said: “Rather than all these outside sources, ask those directly involved if they want Dr. Smith for president. That is, only the student’s opinion on the matter should count.”

But ‘Justthefactsplease’ didn’t agree: “This is not just about the COB community or even the Bahamas ... we are seeking to move to university status and we live in a globalised environment where we cannot be seen as watering down the standards that are held internationally. Our education system will be a laughing stock for others if we go back to Smith.”

But ‘Sansoucireader’ offered this: “As a PARENT who pays my daughter’s tuition there, I DO NOT want him as president.”

• The news that Prime Minister Perry Christie expressed disappointment that a programme had not yet been established to effectively address the issue of shanty towns prompted a lively response.

‘ThisisOurs’ said: “How can you talk about being disappointed a year later??? You’re in charge. If the person you asked to take care of this a ‘month’ ago hasn’t taken any steps MOVE THEM.”

‘K4C’ agreed: “Pssst . . . Christie, you are after all the sitting PM, but this kinda proves you have no control what happens during it’s term in office.”

• Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins has joined the referendum debate by calling on the government to reconsider its plans to give foreign spouses of Bahamian women constitutional rights to citizenship. He also wants the Christie administration to clear up “apprehension” that eliminating sex as a basis for discrimination in the Constitution could one day lead to same-sex marriage.

‘Bahamianpride’ had this to say: “How about the government get out of marriage. Marriage should be handled between people, their family, and their religion. Stop issuing marriage certificates and that would solve the whole problem.”

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proudloudandfnm 8 years, 1 month ago

Perry Christie truly is a resounding failure. Dude just can't get anything right. What an embarrassment.....


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