Bar Owner Denies Trying To Take $18,000 Out Of The Country


Tribune Staff Reporter


A restaurant/bar owner was granted $5,000 bail with reporting conditions yesterday after pleading not guilty to attempting to take more than US $18,000 out of the country.

Bernard Ferguson, lawyer for 32-year-old accused Blu Debullion, of Summerville Drive, Freeport, asked Magistrate Andrew Forbes if he would consider allowing his client to report to the Central Police Station in Freeport, Grand Bahama on one day of the week instead of two as his client had to travel between New York and the Bahamas.

However, Magistrate Forbes said that the conditions seemed fair given that he did not order his passport be surrendered to the court. The magistrate added that an alternative condition for bail would be to have his client’s movements electronically monitored.

The lawyer for the accused accepted the Monday and Friday reporting conditions.

Debullion, also known as Gean Cadet, pleaded not guilty to attempted exportation of restricted goods without Central Bank approval.

It is alleged that he did so on August 8 at the Lynden Pindling International Airport. It is alleged that while at the international departure lounge, he attempted to carry US $18,482 in cash outside the country, contrary to the conditions of regulating the exportation of such notes imposed by the Exchange Control Regulation.

Mr Ferguson said he was instructed by his client that the incident unfolded while Debullion was conducting business.

However, the magistrate said that the explanation would be dealt with at the October 30 trial.

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