He Was An Inspiration

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Dr Myles Munroe was born in the Bahamas and was one of us, who had greatly impacted the Christian Community in the Bahamas nationally and the world globally. Internationally, by preaching the Gospel and also his great example of Christianity. The same way that Jesus Christ impacted the World Christian community by his incredible example some 2000 years ago on earth.

Dr Myles Munroe was born in the Bahamas and was of us, let us all remember it is not how long you live that matters, it is what you have done and accomplished, with the time on earth that really matters. I will never forget when meeting Dr Myles Munroe at the Miami Airport July 20 1998, I was expressing to him about starting a new life in New York, he prayed for my success and gave me words of encouragement, before having to catch his flight.

This was one of my Bahamian heroes, who life had impacted me, by his example.

In memory and honour of Dr Myles Munroe, I will dedicate my project as Executive Producer of a Documentary titled Chosen One that featured my 21 years of community service history journey in the Bahamas on videos, which will soon be release to the media in the United States and the Bahamas.

My heart, thoughts and prayers for the families, friends, Church Members of Bahamas Faith Ministries and Bahamians for the loss of Dr Myles Munroe and Dr Richard Pinder. They had made us all proud to be Bahamian because they were born in the Bahamas and they are one of us. May God bless the Bahamian people and the Bahamas.



November 22, 2014.


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