A Taste Of "Sweet Gems"


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BALANCING her college studies with a position at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and her very own cupcake company has made La’dea “Gem” Roberts quite the busy bee.

Gem said she has always enjoyed baking cakes and treats as a hobby, but now that pastime has turned into a new business called “Sweet Gems”.

And to help promote her company, Gem used the experience and expertise gained from managing the social media department at the NAGB for the past two years.

“Baking became natural for me, so I was pushed by friends and family to go further with it. I found I had a love for both of these professions and an appreciation for the way I can artistically integrate a part of me in my work or product; whether it’s the creation of a flyer, logo or cupcake decorations,” she said.

In addition to these specialities, Gem is currently working towards obtaining a bachelors degree in graphic design and advertising, and hopes to minor in theology and counselling.

Although starting her cupcake business was difficult at first, Gem said it eventually took off and she has since received countless positive reviews and feedback from customers.

“I initially felt my feelings were simply being spared, but persons began reordering and some even began ordering weekly. So that in itself served as consolation and indirect feedback for my product. I often hear customers say the cupcakes are ‘so moist’ and my prices are ‘some of the best’,” she said.

“I hope this continues, and hope to only improve the company, because happy and satisfied customers make the company.”

At Sweet Gems, cake lovers can find a variety of cupcake choices from basic flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, to speciality flavours like red velvet, ore fudge, s’mores, chocolate strawberry, and recently released Christmas flavours which include vanilla pecan butterscotch, peppermint patty, Santa’s hot chocolate, eggnog and turtle.

The home-based company offers delivery services to anywhere in Nassau and an option to pick up at NAGB.

“I love seeing persons enjoy a cupcake or the first smile from seeing a cupcake made especially for them,” Gem said. “Each customer to me doesn’t simply invest money, but also time and trust in me to deliver something amazing. I love meeting or surpassing their expectations.”

She hopes to master one of the hardest things in owning a business, which is growing the company without losing its uniqueness and authenticity.

“The company may be challenged when I decide to go off to school, but I view this as simply a pause, not a complete halt. Who knows, that may be my opportunity for Sweet Gems to go international. I don’t plan to stop anytime in the near future. I still see myself married and much older, still baking for Sweet Gems. Although it’s a clich�, it still holds a large amount of truth – the saying, ‘the possibilities are endless’.”

Gem considers God her main influence and motivator for Sweet Gems. She said her mother, father, two brothers and sister also serve as big inspirations in her life because she has watched them all succeed in various career fields.


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