Ready For The Race? Not Even Close!

Kendrick ‘Big Guy’ Williams of Cool96 FM on his bid for half marathon glory . . .

We are getting close, we are about four weeks away. Everywhere I go people are asking “Big Guy, are you ready for the big race?”

I laugh and respond with a quick, loud and big “no”.

Mentally I am ready. I have run this race in my mind. I can see the finish line, I think I can finish it. But physically - no.

When I stretched it out to ten miles this weekend, it wasn’t an issue with how I felt. I wasn’t tired, no fatigue; nothing along those lines.

But physically I know there is still a lot that I have to do. My ten miles was done at four in the morning. That is easier than running ten miles in daily elements. There was no sun, it was cool and easy.

The strength training that I added to the mix has done wonders. Usually people see runners and think they should be small, sleek people. They downplay the importance of strength.

I am a big dude, 6ft 6in to be exact. That strength is needed to carry the load.

Now - to the issue of food.

Food is still an issue. After last week, I thought I had this food thing beat. It shouldn’t still be an issue, but it’s still a big one for me. From oatmeal for breakfast to scrambled eggs and cheesecake.

Yes, I said cheesecake ... for breakfast.

You have to understand its that time of year when everyone is baking something and calling me up telling me about it. All the cakes and all the sweets; this is so tough.

I slipped up, I have to be honest. Meal planning 101 failed. That fell apart very quickly. I found myself at the drive-through window requesting some extra spicy chicken, but I got a bottle of water to go with it.

The smoothies are helping me fight these cravings. My spinach, kale, cucumber and pineapple blend, and my spinach, blueberry and pineapple chucks that I get after my runs. Those smoothies are key.

Again, what was I thinking?

Tomorrow is beach day. If there is anyone ready for the “Big Guy regime” meet me at Montagu at 5am. Come out and join me.

“Big Guy” hosts the afternoon show from 2-6pm Monday to Friday on Cool 96FM. Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas race weekend is January 17-18, with the Susan G Komen 5k Race for the Cure on the Saturday and the marathon, half-marathon and marathon relay on the Sunday, starting from Junkanoo beach and finishing in Arawak Cay.


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