Hotel Association Elects Executives

The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) held its 62nd annual general meeting (AGM), followed by its traditional Christmas luncheon, at the Atlantis resort.

Stuart Bowe, the BHTA’s president, reviewed the year’s achievements and events, and spoke of the “changes and challenges” forecast for 2015.

He said noteworthy achievements in 2014 were the BHTA’s advocacy efforts, which were focused on ensuring industry stakeholders had a voice in influencing the Value-Added Tax (VAT) legislation.

The BHTA also worked with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism to create, and launch, a VAT training and readiness programme specifically geared to prepare tourism-related businesses for the tax’s imminent implementation.

Twelve ‘training sessions’ were held between October and November 2014, reaching almost 500 participants.

The AGM also highlighted BHTA’s numerous workforce development initiatives and partner programmes with the Ministry of Education, College of the Bahamas/Culinary Hospitality Management Institute (CHMI).

The BHTA also held its election of officers and directors for the 2015-2016 term. Mr Bowe, presiding president, was re-elected for another term.

Also elected are Carlton Russell, vice-president of hotel operations, the Cove and Reef, Atlantis; Earle Bethel, general manager for Comfort Suites, who will serve as treasurer. Robert Sands of Baha Mar will continue as immediate past president.

Hotel operator representatives proposed and ratified to serve on the BHTA’s executive committee were Rui Domingues, general manager of the British Colonial Hilton, as vice-president of Nassau/Paradise Island; Magnus Alnebeck, general manager of Pelican Bay, as vice-president for Grand Bahama; Dean Spychalla, managing director of Valentines Resort and Marina, Harbour Island, as vice-president for the Family Islands; and Vernice Walkine, president and chief executive of Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), as vice-president representing allied members.

Nina Maynard of the Corner Hotel, Nassau, was appointed as small hotels chairperson, and Beverly Saunders, president and managing director of The Learning Connection, was appointed as workforce development chairperson.


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 years, 3 months ago

Of course that dumb waffling shuffling arrogant incompetent "can't get it up" idiot Christie sees no need for him to respond in any way to the noose the rest of the world is tightening around the neck of our squawking tourism goose that can no longer lay any golden eggs. Baha Mar, Atlantis, etc. will all be doomed if they don't soon pool their resources behind their one true common interest which should be the imminent demise of the political careers of Christie and all of the current members of parliament whether they be MP's or Senators and whether they be PLP or FNM. Successive FNM and PLP governments have demonstrated time and time again their: (1) inability to significantly reduce the current level of crime; (2) unwillingness to improve the educational system; (3) unwillingness to create a level playing field and atmosphere conducive to the formation of profitable small and medium size business enterprises (thereby generating new jobs); (4) inability and unwillingness to stamp out government sponsored corruption and crony capitalism; and (5) inability to manage the country's finances. In fact, when it comes to reducing crime, we instead see the Christie led PLP being only too eager to legalize the corrupt racketeering activities of the local gambling web shops. For many years now our law enforcement agencies under both the PLP and FNM governments have allowed well known criminals (the numbers' bosses) like Craig Flowers to run their criminal enterprises out in the open in exchange for political gifts, bribes and pay-offs of one kind or another. Christie, Davis, Maynard-Gibson and Wilchcombe have allowed such criminal elements to eat away at the social fabric and well being of our society to the point where only dumb tourists with very limited financial means show any interest in visiting our shores. Atlantis, Baha Mar and others had better soon wake up or they will soon find the rug has been pulled out from under them in the same way it has been done for our country's financial services sector which has now been just about decimated.


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