Louby Georges: I Have Not Been Anti-Bahamian


Tribune Staff Reporter


RADIO personality Louby Georges is pushing back against suggestions that he has been making anti-Bahamian statements on his radio show.

Mr Georges expressed displeasure with a letter to the editor published in The Tribune last week in which the writer accused Mr Georges, activist Jetta Baptiste, and Haitian-Bahamian Anson Aly “and to some extent (Haitian) Ambassador Rodrigue” of making threats against the Bahamas.

Reacting to this, Mr Georges said he believes in the Bahamas and does not want to be associated with those making inflammatory comments about the country.

“It leaves a bad taste in the mouth when people say those things about me and I want to remove myself from being linked with those very polarising figures,” he said. “People remember Jetta Baptiste and Daphne Campbell from what they have said so, hell yes, I want to distance myself from them.”

Mr Georges acknowledged the tension surrounding Haitian-Bahamian relations, but urged commentators to not paint all Haitians with the same brush.

“We must understand that the Haitian-Bahamian, the illegal immigration situation is a very emotive one,” he said. “We have the average Bahamian ingrained with this whole notion that there is nothing good that could come from the Haitian community, that all Haitians are bad. From kids we have already decided things about these people and people who stand up for Haitians are bashed, their loyalty questioned.”

Mr Georges said he is an easy target for criticism given that he speaks out against what he feels is a negative cultural sentiment towards Haitians.

“With me, a vocal advocate who is not afraid to speak out against the injustices and the realities on what I actually see happening, people see that the wrong way. They feel that because I’m challenging Fred Mitchell’s immigration policies, I’m challenging the country or that I don’t want anything to be done with regards to illegal immigration. In reality, that’s not the case. If this thing was done the right way, there would be no need for Fred to go to that organisation and this organisaton to explain the policies and what’s happening at the department of immigration.”

As for those who have made inflammatory comments about Bahamians, Mr Georges said: “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”

“I don’t agree with any form of boycott of the Bahamas and I want to take my name away from any anti-Bahamian notions. The Bahamas has a reputation that we need to uphold, which is one that we are a paradise and we treat everyone fairly. The problem is that we have stories of persons claiming to being abused and there are countless other stories out there that the international media is looking at. So at the end of the day I understand the overall goal, but I want to see it reached, but it will not happen this way.

Mr Georges called on Haitians to believe in the “Bahamian dream”.

“To those persons making inflammatory statements, they are wrong and they need to buy into the Bahamian dream and Bahamianisation,” he said. “I have Haitian parents, but I am Bahamian. No other Bahamian, not even Perry Christie, could dictate to me how much a Bahamian I am.”

Recently Mrs Campbell, a state representative in Florida who was born in Haiti, mounted protests calling for a boycott of this country because of perceived discrimination against children of Haitian descent. Ms Baptiste has supported Mrs Campbell in her calls for a boycott.

In October, Mr Aly made headlines after he expressed frustration to a ZNS reporter about homes in his shanty town community being torn down. At the time, he said clearing down communities like these could lead to reprisal from the Haitian community. He added that Bahamians were outnumbered by Haitian Bahamians and cautioned Bahamians not to start something they could not finish.

At one point he said he felt like putting a “Colombian necktie” on people, which is slang for cutting someone’s throat. He was questioned by police, but not charged over the remarks and has publicly apologised for making them.


Stapedius 5 years, 10 months ago

Actions speak louder thanks words is correct. So the action that Bahamians of Haitian decent should take is to discourage members of the community from harboring illegals. If you believe in the Bahamas then believe in its laws. With laws there comes an enforcement component which in the event there is no voluntary compliance active enforcement must be carried out. Yes, humanity and decency is of the highest priority in all matters but there is so much unsubstantiated claims that have not provided evidence in support. Again we as a people have no ill will towards Haiti. In fact I think most Bahamians would be happy if the country ststabilized. So we have many detractors and critics but would Louby be able to say similar things in Haiti against the Haitian government? Probably not. We have free airwaves and freedom of assembly and the freedom to think what we like. I thank God to be Bahamian and I'm not a shame to say it.


TheMadHatter 5 years, 10 months ago

So does this mean he is going to ask Haitians to stop having 25 babies per family in an effort to create a super majority in the Bahamas, so that they an take over? Or is he going to stand with them as they continue this plan to make Bahamians a minority in their own country?



nassausands 5 years, 10 months ago

Bahamians will only become a MINORITY if they continue to kill babies. We as a people has gone away from God and now we are paying the price, Read the Bible, God said that he would give us the base of leaders, because of our sins, Just look around the country and tell me that we have any leaders who are not out to enrich themselves and cares very little about the Bahamas.

This is much bigger that PLP or FNM people, we need to return back to our roots, We are not America, We use to be a God fearing people, but we have adopted a culture that have denied God, one who do not believe in the Bible and call sin right and the word of God wrong. There I more killing in the Bahamas today than there is in a major city like Boston. There is a price to pay and we are paying it.....


TheMadHatter 5 years, 10 months ago

So what you are saying as that we should not use the "morning after" pill or have abortions in the first trimester - but instead have huge families like our grandparents and great-grandparents did, and feed them Ramen Noodles and cheap junk like corned beef and spam and hot dogs in a RACE to see if we can BREED faster than Haitians?

That's your game plan?

That's like saying I'm going to buy five new spare tires and rubber plugs for my car each week - so that I can be able to change and/or repair the punctures in my car every day and very quickly - because the next door neighbor keeps planting nails and tacks in my driveway.

Why not just deal with the idiotic, law breaking next door neighbor instead?

Maybe you are a person who stuffs wine corks up his nose when they get the flu to stop the snot from flowing out - instead of getting medication to stop the flu which is the cause of the snot?

Your choice. The invaders love it when we are ignorant.



birdiestrachan 5 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Georges if Mr. Mitchell is going about illegal immigration in the wrong way. What in your opinion is the right way?? Mr. Mitchell is Correct , in going to the OAS. because it was persons like yourself spreading so many lies. You showed your true colours, because according to you the Haitians have no responsibility/ But the Average Bahamian is at fault. I agree with the letter that the Doctor wrote. Your loyalty lies else where and not with the Bahamas or it people. and what you have written shows just that. .


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