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EDITOR, The Tribune.

Despite being labelled by opposition supporters and the newspapers as a weak leader who accomplishes very little, Prime Minister Perry Christie is nonetheless honoured by prominent African Americans – individuals who are probably not that acquainted with the geopolitical realities of The Bahamas.

Obviously these people in America and Free National Movement supporters and the newspapers have polar opposite views on Christie as a leader. For what it’s worth, Christie reminds me of one of the more famous sayings of Jesus Christ, which says that a prophet is not without honour, except in his own town. A close relative of Christie expressed the same sentiments in an interview with a ZNS reporter in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to her, and I’m only paraphrasing, Christie has made many contributions to The Bahamas, but isn’t recognised in this country as he has been by the people in America. Granted, in December 2013 Christie was honoured with an induction into the National Junkanoo Legends Circle for the contributions he has made to junkanoo. But this honour pales in comparison to the one Christie received in Atlanta by Xernona Clayton, the founder of The Trumpet Awards and the brainchild behind the International Walk of Fame.

The purpose of this prestigious award is to give ‘‘recognition to those courageous soldiers of justice who sacrificed and struggled to make equality for all’’ (Wikipedia).

Christie was also honoured with the International Trumpet Awards during his first administration over a decade ago. And so Clayton and others believe that Christie has fought for equal rights in The Bahamas. As the leader of The Bahamas, Christie’s contributions have largely gone unrecognised by his fellow Bahamians.

That has not been the case with some prominent African Americans, who obviously have a much higher regard for him than his own people. However, in the event the organisers of The Trumpet Awards decide to once again honour Christie, they should slowly and carefully explain the reason for the award being given to him.

Maybe then the news of the award would be more readily received by individuals from opposite sides of the political spectrum. Bahamians appear to be more logical in their thinking about politics and politicians than their US counterparts.


Freeport, Grand Bahama

January 26, 2014.


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