Us Concern Over Lack Of Radiation Detection Tools


Tribune Staff Reporter


US officials are working with the government and the Port Authority to insure radiation detection equipment are operational as the potential for contamination is a “concern”.

Following reports last month that Jamaican Customs authorities have recorded “higher-than-normal” levels of radiation in two shipments from Japan, Neda Brown, a public affairs officer within the US Embassy, yesterday confirmed that the US Department of Energy has visited the country to “review a radiation detection programme.”

Energy officials visited the Bahamas the week of January 27, Ms Brown said.

However, it is still not clear whether or not the country already has an established programme or detection equipment.

According to The Gleaner, Jamaica Customs Agency has been on “high alert” since the March 2011 earthquake-triggered meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

The JCA has been conducting the checks through a partnership with the United States Department of Energy, according to The Gleaner, which reported that tests are conducted on all vehicles and spare parts coming from Japan. 

In an interview with The Tribune last month, Comptroller Charles Turner confirmed that the Bahamas Customs Department does not test cargo shipments for radiation contamination.

Mr Turner said he was “not aware of any checks being undertaken in the Bahamas”, nor did he have the proper training to speak with authority on the issue.

Calls placed to the Port Authority for clarification on the issue were not returned at that time.

The Tribune also requested information from the Bahamas Customs department for the number of imported items from Japan since 2011. 

However, the request had not yet been authorized up to press time.

Yesterday, Ms Brown said: “The Department of Energy is committed to working with the Bahamas government and the Port Authority to insure that detection equipment is maintained properly and is operating at optimal levels.”


proudloudandfnm 5 years ago

Actually they do have radiation scanners at Freeport Container Port....


JohnDoes 5 years ago

They need to have em at every port, things are coming in on all islands.


JohnDoes 5 years ago

When the people start growing horns and tails, that is when they are going to get them, but as of now, we aint got no money for sensible things. Only money for these MP's to splurge around, so that they can buy what is supposed to be earned awards and accolades, provide room for more number bosses to help fund their campaigns and to build stem cell research facilities for the rich and borrowing loads of money from the communists. They aint focused on the safety of the country, most of the boats we have to patrol our waters are donated generously and thankfully by the U.S, not a single surveillance plane in the air to assist, and no school or funding opportunities for the less fortunate so they can at least have a chance at higher education and a fighting chance for better jobs. They wonder why Bahamians aint qualified, because most of the unqualified dont have rich parents working for cronies who can send them to big stateside universities. Do some research on all the successful persons in this country; either they got a job from a crony, or they have rich parents that sent them abroad, there are very very few that was able to do it out of their own hard working pockets especially making the minimum wage that we average folk receive. The country is crumbling, the people will soon revolt, the people will really start taking laws into their own hands, then next thing you know we become a police state. Too much dishonesty in this government.


proudloudandfnm 5 years ago

There is very little need for radiation scanners in Nassau. Nassau's exports are trivial compared to Freeport. American overkill again. Americans need to change their policy of meddling in other countries. Their threats are a result of their meddling. Simple as that...


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