Drugs Worth $800,000 Seized


Tribune Staff Reporter


POLICE have taken into custody three men and more than $800,000 worth of marijuana after an early morning operation in the Sea Breeze area.

According to police reports, a team of officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit and the Royal Bahamas

Defence Force observed the men offloading a large quantity of suspected drugs from a vessel onto a waiting truck around 4am.

The men, two aged 51, and the other 46, were arrested at the scene.

This latest incident comes as authorities continue to crack down on the smuggling of illicit drugs into and throughout the island chain.

Last Friday, investigators in Grand Bahama seized over $1 million worth of heroin and cocaine.

Officers of the Drug Enforcement Unit, along with Bahamas Customs, United States officials and the Container Port Security went to the Container Port in Grand Bahama and conducted a search of a 40-foot container.

Once inside, officers discovered two black Nike duffle bags that contained 53 taped packages of suspected cocaine and one taped package of suspected heroin.

The combined weight of the suspected drugs was 131 pounds. The total street value is $1,415,000.

In January, authorities in Grand Bahama discovered nearly $1 million in cocaine once again at the Freeport Container Port.

It was the first major drug seizure at Grand Bahama for 2014. According to police reports, Bahamian and US authorities made the discovery on Thursday, January 2, in the afternoon.

Police said that, shortly after 3pm, officers of the Drug Enforcement Unit went to the container port after receiving a tip.

The officers, along with Bahamas Customs and US officials, discovered two black Nike duffle bags containing 45 clear plastic Ziploc bags of suspected cocaine.

The drugs weighed 112 pounds with a street value of $900,000.


TalRussell 6 years, 1 month ago

Bahamalander's farmers can't plant and grow no numbers like they can, if allowed to grow they crops of marijuana. Now we is talk'in VAT and numbers taxes "rolled" into one tax. I think it was how many years ago when Spanish Wells House MP Comrade Norman Solomon stood up in the house, calling the the legalization of marijuana. How many of our Bahamalander's have either been imprisoned or fined for smoking they pot. May i dare say in the thousands. I say, if the preacherman's can speak out for the legalization of the numbers rackets, then why not for pot. Besides while pot may have made you eats lots brownies, ain't never ruined no one's bank account.


JohnDoes 6 years, 1 month ago

Go catch the coke and crack peddlers, and leave the marijauna alone, these cops wasting their time. For every 1 load caught another 3-4 makes it in. I dare any police to go in albany, lyford cay, port new providence, or old fort bay and check them big yachts with all the coke and unlicensed fire arms.


JohnDoes 6 years, 1 month ago

Trust me, the criminals are only benefiting from marijuana because of the political bans on it. If you strangle any business the prices go up, business law. You make it legal right now, your 'criminals' or 'violent murderers' will lose money in marijuana. You are the one that lacks knowledge and you are greatly mistaken, because not all persons that deal herb are 'violent murderers'. That is so ignorant of you to say, a very stereotypical viewpoint, and you should be ashamed. You need a history lesson so you can learn the truth about cannabis prohibition instead of being gullable to some political propaganda.


TalRussell 6 years, 1 month ago

The only time the whites are jailed as quick as blacks in Bahamaland, is when the policeman's catches either skin color with they stack pot. Lots whites go mostly unnoticed up to Her Majesty's Fox Hill prison, over pot.


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